[0.8.2] GPU Usage low in Ruins of Welryn/Welryn Docks causing FPS drops

Bug Report: Patch 0.8.2

Hardware: 9900k, 2080ti (466.47), 32gb RAM, Samsung EVO SSD, 1440p GSYNC monitor

Settings: All Ultra although bug happens no matter if set to Very Low, Ultra, or anywhere in between.

Bug Reproducible: Yes.

Bug Description: Bug is related to GPU usage. In town, GPU usage is locked at 100% and FPS is locked to 141fps (framerate cap in Nvidia control panel). Once in Ruins of Welryn/Welryn Docks GPU usage steadily drops from 90% to ~50-55% with corresponding FPS drop from 100+fps to ~55fps. FPS and GPU usage stay reduced no matter what happens on screen. GPU temperature is ~70C and GPU boost is +255mhz from base boost. Portal back to town and GPU usage goes back to 100% and temps back to ~80C with boost +165mhz as expected. Repeat as necessary. When GPU usage is at 50-55% in Welryn, GPU clock is locked at +255mhz from base boost clock so GPU has plenty of room to run.

Tested extensively in Ruins of Welryn and Welryn Docks.

Other zones seem to be performing normally with expected GPU usage (97%+) and FPS performance (~100fps).

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Can confirm something like this is happening to me as well. AMD 3700x and 2080 ti. On some maps (like town) i’m at around 68-70% GPU usage and having good 144 fps. While in some other maps i have around 30% GPU usage and fps constantly at 40-50’s. Settings don’t seem to matter.

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