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Last Epoch Forums Sorcerer Feedback

Really liking the abilities and feel of the mage and sorcerer!

Just my 2c on things (im gunna ignore balance issues/numbers because its alpha).

Lower passive tree selections

  • I think it would be neat to have a decent amount of stuff to branch into in the lower trees for sorcerer, spellblade (and eventually runemaster) that are useful to all three. The majority of selections in the spellblade tree (save for 2 passives and 1 skill) are irrelevant if you’re not a melee character.

Cast range and speed

  • Lightning blast, fireball and teleport have HUGE ranges. My fireballs would tag mobs well offscreen that i maybe didnt want to engage. Also the jumps of LB, the speed on fireballs (and most projectiles) felt really really fast.

Glacier explosion specalisations

  • Would be really neat to see vastly different trees for the small, medium and large sections of the glacier tree.

Ground targeting for fireball

  • Would be alot easier to use Blasting Flames if you could determine where the fireball ended (particularly if you go with any kind of pierce).

Dragon mage and dragon breath are very niche

  • Having a huge damage buff requiring players to utilize multiple different elements feels a bit unwieldy. Not that i dont like spell weaving, i actually enjoy it. But i cant play a pure pyromancer or cryomancer (or i can, i just have to skip on 150% increased damage + elemental effects).

Elemental nova selections

  • Would be nice if there was some way, even if it was a set bonus or uniques, that disabled certain (read:fire) selections. This is mostly just because id like to have Arcane Projection on pure frost novas lol.
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Thanks for the excellent feedback! Please forgive the brief reply - it is the weekend.

Some initial thoughts are;

  • Our next patch includes passives for base classes. This’ll involve a bit of a reshuffle of which passives are available where. It’d be great if you could let us know after playing 0.6 whether you think this remains an issue or has been addressed adequately.
  • I’m going to speak with the team about whether the ranges you have noticed on some skills may be a bug. It sounds wrong from your report, but I’ll see what they say.
  • We’d certainly love to hear any ideas you have for Glacier skill tree nodes!
  • I’ll pass on the suggestion for ground-targeting to be enabled for Fireball.
  • We do want both specializing into a single element, and spreading the love to be viable. It’s possible these nodes aren’t the best way of enabling certain options. I’m not sure if they’re doing any harm as they are, but we’ll discuss them internally.
  • We’ll talk about maybe adding that Elemental Nova idea to The List™.
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You’re an absolute legend Sarno!
Thanks for taking time on the weekend to reply!

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