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Hello. First, English is not my main language so please bear with me. I have another feedback to increase zoom out level, not for gameplay purpose but for design aesthetics. I feel that LE is underutilizing one of its unique setting - time travel. It is very cool to be able to see how time had affected the surroundings and atmosphere of each era in the game.

This idea is implemented well in the world map where i often switched between eras to compare the difference when in an overlapping area.

However, during gameplay, the camera is so zoomed in that it is hard to appreciate the background design as a whole. The low quality model/objects also doesnt help(my GPU is trash and LE is surprisingly demanding). All the areas in a region end up looking samey and boring. Being able to zoom out one more level can help alleviate model detail issues and make the level less corridor-ry. This can be reinforced further by adding easily recognizable landmarks here and there waiting to be discovered

I believe this can be a unique selling point for LE if implemented well. Hope this feedback can be considered.

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I think a slight further out zoom is needed for gameplay as well. Currently you can die simply because you don’t have proper overview of the battlefield, thereby not knowing what threats to prepare for - and the next “mob engagement” being too close for the player to have the proper information as to how to position.

Positioning, repositioning and having to strategically having to mind your surroundings all the time - is a big part of the player’s challenge and test of mettle to personal skill. This is why PoE is bad (in my opinion). Because in that game you move so fast that positioning and situational awaresness is watered down as a game design element. On the flip side it is what makes Grim dawn great, the pace of combat and the zoomed out camera makes it very skilled based and a constant important gameplay element to constantly be aware of your surroundings and positioning.

I agree that for aesthetics a further zoom out would be great. But I’d also like to argue that a bit further out camera zoom out - will also be good for gameplay. Because it will avoid “cheap deaths” where the player dies simply because of lack of information about their surroundings.

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