What is going on with zoning? It takes ages to go from one zone to the next and forget about using the portal back to town. I may as well go and make a coffee.

The game runs on a Samsung SSD, so I can’t see how it’s me. It’s small things like this and others that spoil the game for me.

It’s a networking issue, not SSD. Towns are currently bugged. Entering and leaving them takes ages, everything else is pretty fast.
Recently before patch ability to see other players in towns was reintroduced. And it worked fine, until 0.9.2. Now you load into and for some reason out of towns for like 30 seconds or so. Same load times as it was before when playing in a party, but now also for solo play too.
Funny thing is, you can’t even see other players in towns now. But loading time is as if you synchronize with them.
Monos are loading fine, you just have to wait for long loading twice when entering and leaving the end of time.
I’ve also noticed, that entering a time rift during campaign takes even longer, like 40-60 seconds, and there is no loading or entering message. At first I thought it was bugged or that my mouse is broken, but no, just takes forever to load.

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Thxs for the info m8. Things like this make me think twice about a 2023 launch. I think there is too much to do and test for that now. The only reason I see them doing it is to remove the words “early access” to bring in more players. Think I’ll go back to Poe and D4 until the launch. Wish them luck but I have my concerns.

It’s a known issue on the current patch notes.

It’s not just towns.