1st impression

please make text BIGGER… why is new-ish game these days always use such small text?

i also dont see why you need to use such small space to show inventory, forge, stat etc. it’s fine to use HALF screen or even fullscreen. it’s even worst to see since text is small as above.

some explanation for skill sometimes need to hold “alt” button to show… why?? it’s honestly pain in the :heart::heart::heart:, since text are small in the first place, there NO REASON to hide it (even if text is bigger, there’s still enough space to show all text)

loading screen is 5 minutes long… i though it’s broken. i even though to refund it, before i left it and let it run by itself

please let us to move character position, being in the center of the screen took alot of screen!! it’s not like i could rotate screen in the first place
it’s not a good idea since enemy will know you (and attack) even if you move forward a bit and i’m using necro which should be behind things to attack. having enemy to “see” first is never a good ideas

while i’m at it, please let the summoned minion walk in front of caster, rather than “manually” ask them, every little time. necro is squishy character

one weird thing, even i’m using necro. most enemies never hurt me that much. but when i was above ground (in ruined era) and found 1 beetle enemy (with electric), he kill me so fast i dont even know how. it’s not a boss, maybe some elite but man that guy is WAY TOO STRONG. later i could kill it from afar and yet my minion DIED (they dont even had their HP halved when attacking other elite). what is this even?? sure im not using HC but i really hate this cheating enemies…

lastly, using controller is weird. i dont know which button to actually “loot” item. choosing wheel are also doesnt work (at least for me), i can choose but not able to select it. still using kb/m is much better

other than that, it’s a fine game. although i feel rather slow paced. still fun though
even better if all above is fixed, especially TEXT!!! please please please make it BIGGER
sorry if i were to “force” this, but i want to have the most enjoyable game experience. thanks

What screen res are you using? I’m using 1440 & the inventory/character screen/forge/etc all take up around 1/3 of the screen. Maybe it’s different in 4k.

Yeah, an “advanced tooltips” toggle would be nice, so you can always have the more detailed info available.

Not on an SSD it doesn’t (unless you’re just being hyperbolic), what hardware do you have?

The character being in the centre of the screen is somewhat of a defining characteristic of the genre, though being able to rotate the screen would be nice.

Having some more control over the AI of the minions would be good, like being able to set them to aggressive (they have a much larger aggro range) or defensive (they only attack if you are within X distance of a mob or taking damage).

This game is a lot more focussed on defences than other games.

The mobs don’t cheat (though they do rotate a bit too much while channelling which I don’t think is reasonable), but you do need to build for defences a lot more than you’re probably useful.

first of all, i dont know how to multi quote like you, so ill just write like tis

well i dont have some beevy hardware, it’s an old laptop enough for most game, using 1366x768. i dont see why the need for higher res for bigger text though… since i can barely play this game
also it’s literally 5 minutes loading time (more or less), like i said before, an old laptop still using HDD. just first game load, changing areas still fine

for centered character, as long enemy doesnt “see” me from half screen or there’s rotate function, i’m good.

i’ve playing some more and my minion just stand there doing nothing (usually archer) while other and me attacking, sometimes in battle i forgot to “move” them. having them just in front of me is already good workaround since i dont see the need for defensive/offensive stance since i kill everything anyway and they are meat shield in the first place.

for defensive character, it might be useless for necro. although those above “problem” should be solved first. but it’s true i dont do defensive that much and in later areas there’s more and more enemies all at once and most using ranged attack. they did a number to me quite a few times (since my minion is dumb as a brick)

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Personally, I prefer the highlighted text option. It is rather fast once you get used to it. Also, welcome to the official forums!

thanks, that’s kinda different way to quote
and yes, i’m here to stay lol

another update from me (after playing another 6 hour or so)
btw im using necro

A. bug after changing areas (teleport etc)

  1. MAP is reset, usually it’s looks like cheese with holes. my “unlocked” map just look like that, with previously unlocked location disappear again. sometimes it’s even worst, it’s completely reset. there’s no point in “adventuring” if map was reset all the time.
  2. ENEMY RESPAWN and MISSING MINION, usually it’s fine but sometimes when i teleport and comes back, those monster infested the places again (which i just cleared) i died instantly because of it, not to mention my minion just goes somwehere else (their portrait still there though)

B. inventory suggestion

  1. FORGE ITEM should just go to it’s respective tabs rather than go to “inventory” and then click “move” to save some spaces. is it really fun to loot item and find it full just because of some forge items used up inventory?? yes we could “move” it, but why??? it’s another tedious work
  2. AUTO LOOT, not just for money but also for forge items. oh and also it’s range, i feel it’s too small
  3. FORGE… is there guide somewhere? i really dont get it…
  4. AUTO COMPARISON. since i always use auto comparison, please make it disable when i sell stuff. who need comparison when selling?? it block the view too. btw comparison for ring only show 1 ring, should be showing both ring for better comparison

C. about skills

  1. LEVELLING UP, please show us how much % or dmg we get for levelling up our passive/skill (before actually clicking). i really dont like it when suddenly it gets diminishing value after lv up. since you know, respec are expensive (-1 lv?? get real…)
  2. STATUS for each skill. for real… i really dont know what is my base dmg for my skill/minion. i dont even know if my lving up my skill are actually increase anything. please make popup info more informing rather than just vague like that (some status still show some x missile while in actual i only have 1 missile). just make some list in respective skill page so i can “strategize” my build
  3. UNDO lv up. before closing menu we should at least be able to UNDO and there’s apply button to actually apply stuff !!!
  4. RESPEC are way too expensive!!! i think it’s fine for that “penalty” (-1 lv) but at least make it faster to get last level by getting bonus 2x EXP or more just to get the last lv. more skill getting respec gets more bonus EXP (1 respec = 2x EXP, 2 respect = 3x EXP and so on for that specific skill)

D. general suggestion/question

  1. MORE SKILL. any plan for more than 5 skill? 5 is too little i think
  2. LOOT button, no not by clicking mouse but using button. grim dawn or w40k martyr has it and it’s better than clicking. just push button few times and i clear those loot. sometimes using mouse is harder and i need to click few times since my character are moving.
  3. MINION PORTRAIT. please make it from top to bottom, with average HP besides it. i think it’s clearer to “see” my general army condition. oh and when i use another summon skill, is it randomly summon or delete the weakest minion first?
  4. SHIFT/FORCE STOP button? is there any, since my character still moving when using it.
  5. LOOT FILTER. no need for advanced filter like in grim dawn, loot rarity filter is enough

i think that’s enough “rant” for now, i hope it’s the last since i just want to play, not reporting bug or anything

The areas resetting is a technical issue that the devs are working to fix, the minions not appearing when you use a portal to go back to an area is a bug that they are aware of (the minions reappear back at the area portal if there is one).


What does hte game guide say? Alternatively, I believe Boardman21 did a youtube guide for crafting.

You want a skill/tooltip dps which is on their list of things to do. Plus, this

Please see above.

Yeah, that’s probably a decent idea, as is being able to respec multiple passive points without having to click the accept button each time…

No, they’ve balanced things around using 5 skills. Though if you can get some skills proc’d by other skills (eg, Smite proc’d by an idol on throwing attack), then you don’t need the proc’d skill (smite) on your skill bar.

They are working on a loot filter, like Grim Dawn’s.

I’ll try to tackle all these;

A. These are known Issues

  1. Zones rinse repeat after Town portal? - #5 by Mike_W
  2. Bug report about it

B. Inventory Stuff

  1. I would tend to agree that maybe an option should be available for this, but for new players this would be super confusing if it was the default as they wouldn’t know where their shards are. Funny aside, there are so many people that miss that button and store hundreds of shards in their inventory tabs. It’s quite funny to see it, and I imagine it’ll continue to happen.
  2. This is purposely done to slow down the speed meta. I wasn’t totally on board with it at first but I get it.
  3. Boardman21’s Farming & Crafting Guide
  4. Well, the merchants also sell items and I do like the comparison of those items. Personally, I think the cursor should just not get blocked when comparing items. The item and its comparable should be moved slightly to the right of the cursor (like Grim Dawn’s item comparison).

C. Skills

  1. A Tooltip DPS is still in the works. No ETA for implementation yet.
  2. I think this information is coming. Could certainly be mistaken but I feel like I read stuff about it.
  3. It certainly would help to be able to remove point after point and then confirm that decision…instead of the point/confirm, point/confirm.
  4. This topic is quite divisive; Respec - How do YOU like, or not like it - #204 by ManiaCCC

D. General stuff

  1. Game is designed around 5 skill limitation from the beginning; Skills to Pay the Bills
  2. I’d agree (if this isn’t already possible…haven’t looked into it).
  3. I don’t know this answer.
  4. Not sure.
  5. A Loot Filter is also on the roadmap, in the last phase (Phase 4). Early Access Development Forecast

i’m using necro

No way, seriously? (lots of sarcasm there, there is a vast majority of playerbase using the same class so no surprise here), and yea, you must be on the center of the screen for many reasons.

Anyways, I suggested camera rotation, which would help a lot but someone pointed out that this would require “lots of resources and work” and considering Last Epoch’s team is a small indie team maybe this is kind of not possible.

Most of your feedback and suggestions belongs to the controller scheme I guess? Because text size is not something that matters much when you play sitting in front of your monitor, but it does matter if you sit on the couch using a controller and playing on your TV (as I do most of the time).

Game loads quite fast for me and I have it installed in an external 3.0 hard drive. Not sure if this is accurate.

If you don’t like how necro is played at the moment just play another class. There are lots of them. Does it really have to be necromancer? I mean, game offers you tons of builds and options in terms of classes and combinations.

Last but not least, please remember this is a beta.

thanks for all answers
and now i’m going to play!!!

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