Zones Not Letting Me Travel

While playing in multiplayer the issue has came up in both groups of two and three, sometimes one player sometimes multiple cannot go to the next zone.

Game will have the message at the top of screen saying Zone is loading and character can still move around the map they are in as normal.

Attempts to Fix:
Having another player come back to the zone, does not work.
Trying to teleport to town, does not work.
Joining another players party/leaving the party and trying solo or upon returning to party, does not work.
Logging out and back in to character, does work.
Exiting game and relaunching, does work.
Turning off and powering back on entire system, does work.

All of the above are fixes for the single door and we have all had the issue happen again at later instance changing zones.

Issue only started today same group ive been playing with all week ive asked the group no one has made any hardware or software changes to systems between us playing yesterday and our sessions today.
Issue has not happened to any of us at a forced teleport.

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Speaking about doors, please do something about this same bug in dungeons, i’ve lost 3 keys attempting to do dungeons. What’s the point in reaching end game when all you can do is spam monoliths and nothing else… doors won’t have a light to use to traverse. Also the double body bug that occurs in party play, where you tp through just fine but then on the other side your body (and camera) get stuck right outside portal, but then there is another character model which you can move but the camera gets left behind on your 1st model which is stuck at portal.

the double body one has been a hassle entirely of its self i didnt think to write a report on it since its way less common than this one but both our game breaking compared to some of the other ones we encounter. the others will either fix themselves or dont matter entirely I.E: lunge forcing me in place needing to use another skill to get out or where my character is constantly showing me in animation of one ability but letting me access my full kit. atleast those i dont have to do a full logout to fix.

Full power off’s for everyone and system cache resets MAY have temporarily fixed the problem? Were going on 3+ hours now issue free with the map problem when we were having it every 10 minutes or so earlier in the day.