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Zizaran's Unique Item Design Collaboration

Tomorrow a few of our devs will be joining Zizaran to design a unique item!

Unique Item Design Collaborations are available in our Ardent Creator supporter pack. They entail someone deciding details such as the theme of an item, what the item does, and its name & flavor text. We work with you to get your item ready for inclusion in a future update.

Our support team often answers questions about design collaborations, so tomorrow a few of us will be joining Zizaran on Twitch so folks can learn more about the process. Designing unique items is always a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to it and we hope to see you there!

Catch us at 2021-03-26T17:00:00Z!


Design collaboration and dev Q&A streams. MIke certainly has a lot of screen time tomorrow.

Streamer Mike! :smile:

Cool! Might give me some ideas xD

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I don’t realy unsterstand that streamers phenomenom, but we could need a shield throw unique! xD

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unique item abilities:
turns your hair blue



As long as it’s not an explody chest… please no

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So far I think we should do a “go fund” me campaign for @Llama8 to make the devs suff… build a unique with him :D.


So Llama could design a 2H Terror Mace that counts as DW live on stream?

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Likely he’ll go for a doubble bladed staff so daggers do more dmg ^^.

They removed the spell tag from shadow daggers, so staves aren’t good for that anymore.

But if people want to give me a grand, I’d totally not use it to get a 3080/3090.

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So no go fund me for @Llama8 makes me sad ^^.

OMG Ziz read far to much Squirrelgirl comics or played to much MH ^^.

He never played MH and i am not sure if he even is a big comic fan.

But he did state in his stream why he wanted to go for the Squirrel Unique Design (because he literally has Squirrels in his backyard)

I missed the stream . So did they come up with something?

Should’ve mentioned that I’m not that serious as it seems ^^.

I can’t wait to see how we break the game with this new Squirrel item

with the squirl minion dot theme of the unique, what scales it? does minion damage affix scale ailments/dots applied by minions?

Yes, along with minion DoT damage (sorrowful?).

marksman need a new skill (movement shot) ?