Zeurial's Hunt unique quiver

Guys, did anyone try to use Zeurial’s Hunt quiver for Marksman?

I’ve got a question - this thing has a synergy between Lightning bow and Lightning throw attacks, with it’s rather significant lightning res shred.
However I did not find a way how to apply it - Marksman in general does not have any pure Lightning throwing attacks (to pair it with Lightning Detonating Arrow). So I’ve tried to use it with Shurikens, with it’s +Lightning dmg and 100% Shock Chance nodes - it seems these two Shurikens nodes do not make it to be counted as Lightning throwing attack.

Am I doing something wrong? What would be proper ways for a Marksman (Detonating Arrow) to make use of Zeurial’s Hunt synergy?

Thanks in advance.

You don’t need pure lightning skills, you just need a bow/throwing skill with the lightning tag on it. The Charged Steel node in Shuriken will add the lightning tag, as will an idol that adds flat lightning damage to Shuriken.

Edit: If that’s not what’s happening, then it’s a bug.

Hmm, tested it after a while - now it works, but I swear it did not just an hour ago…
Anyways, thanks, Sir Llama!

However, it seems the Haste duration is shorter than it’s claimed in the tooltip.
Go figure…

Yeah only 1 sec uptime instead of 2.

I wonder if that Lightning penetration is active during 2 seconds or only 1 sec as well (like Haste it gives when effects combine), hard to test really.
Also not sure if penetration still works when applying Shurikens followed by Detonating Arrow with the latter having some arming time before it explodes (should the explosion fit within this presumed 2 seconds timeframe, or any attack that was initiated during that window will work?). And if I have DoTs on it, does penetration apply during these DoTs as well, and for how long? As long as DoTs tick within the 2 seconds window I guess?..

Feel somewhat confused to be honest. I wish 2 seconds was

  1. really claimed 2 seconds
  2. would feel better if it was actually 4 seconds ))
  3. also it would be great to see the explicit ailment icon on enemy when penetration applies, for now I only see a Shock icon (stacks) which comes from another source

Any DA fired within the 2s should benefit from the penetration even if the explosion happens after the 2s as the “stats” of the DA should be “set” when the skill is used (ie, snapshot).

As above, any lightning dots applied within the 2s by Shuriken/DA should benefit from the penetration but I don’t think the Rogue has access to Electrify off the top of my head so it’s probably a moot point (and any non-lightning DoTs won’t get any benefit from the penetration).

Penetration isn’t an ailment, you’re thinking of shred. Penetration is a “buff” on the player so it’d make more sense for it to be shown there.

It is actually neither, it is a hit that reduces resistance to the penetration for that hit Penetration subtracts from [resistances], causing a source of damage to deal more damage.

Well, I probably used the word buff when I shouldn’t have. Penetration is a player stat when can be obtained from several sources (passives, amulet/idols and skills, either as a stat specific to the skill, while you are using the skill or after you’ve used the skill) which is then used by skills, subskills and ailments (as appropriate) to calculate damage by reducing the target’s resistance as you said.

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