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Your Favorite "Thing" in Last Epoch

For me there are 3 ways Last Epoch has advanced the ARPG genre:

1. Loot Filter Simplicity/Colours:
<1hr learning curve, and you have the knowledge for life… and its cross character too so you only have to set it up once and tweak for new characters as you go.

2. Skill Trees on Abilities: This feels like a really nice level of customisation (without being overwhelming)… and you can add more levels via affix too. I feel this could be improved even more if you could respec and try things without having to go and re-level, it really stops me exploring/testing, I end up picking and sticking.

3. The Crafting UI: This is really welcoming to new players, I was never confident in PoE, or even in LE with the old UI, but the new one just was so clear to me, the 2 suffixes… the 2 prefixes… the glyphs… I think it could still be tweaked but its night and day more accessible to new players than PoE for example.


My favorite thing is probably finding a unique that I have been long looking for. My least favorite thing is repeating the quest over and over for the Last Step of the Living.

Making characters to try various builds or because I was playing HC and died (again). Leveling characters is a joy and a breeze.

#2?!?!? I have to ask what #1 is? CT is, and likely will always be, my greatest SP RPG. lol. Awesome!

And Putting together builds from gear I ‘find’ vs buy/trade. Its quite nice.

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Finding out new stuff. Today I learned that the red DoT pools in the Dragon Emperor fight aren’t bleed as I’d assumed (my Lich was using Exsanguinous so she’s immune to bleed) but they’re a % of current hp that ignores ward. After a while sitting in them I was only taking 4 damage a tick & my skellies/mages were only taking 1 damage per tick (a “fresh” Skellie was taking ~1.2k damage on the first tick, then 900).

So those pools will never kill you but they will make it a lot easier for anything else in the fight to kill you.


Interesting. I stepped on them once, when I saw the speed of HP loss I did not stay to check if is was %hp or anything else, I just ran away. Thanks for testing!

Yeah, I’d assumed that it was a bleed/phys degen given the colour & I was using Exsanguinous so immune to bleed. Then I noticed that I was still taking a small amount of damage (single digit) therefore it had to be a % of current hp (~25-50% per tick).

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For me, this has to be starting a fresh Masochist SSF Hardcore character. Feels good.

Soon this will change though, and turn into - starting a fresh Masochist Hardcore character with a couple of my good buddies :smiley:

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Oh yeah! This “soon” sounds very nice :sweat_smile:

Suikoden II, my #1 now and forever :slight_smile:

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crafting / any boss farming :slight_smile: