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Your Favorite "Thing" in Last Epoch

@Nevyn What do you mean by the Chrono Trigger influence? Just the shifting in times?

My favorites are ease of loot filters, easier Respec that isn’t overly punishing, and picking up basic loot by just walking over it. Really makes me start to get disgruntled about PoE and look forward to this game.

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Definitely the void knight

It’s much better than Poe


Off course it’s absolutely Chrono trigger influence.
I can’t separate the Chrono story from Last Epoch.

I’ve only seen one quest where they really take advantage of this, though. It really needs a lot more. The frustrating part about it for me is that the campaign is so linear for having this be the primary theme behind the story. It’s also too long for being linear in an ARPG where character builds are the main driver rather than the narrative. It has pieces that are interesting, but when you assemble the puzzle, nothing fits quite right.

Really? I felt it was a similar length to Grim Dawn, PoE, D3, etc. Though GD doesn’t have an end game to do after the campaign.

How long would you think it should take, not speedrunning through it?

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Definitely their vision of the ‘necromancer’ it is literally the best I’ve seen in any ARPG.

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PoE’s is too long. Like, way too long.

GD’s campaign is the game, which is something few ARPGs get right, but it still also provides other activities, which is nice.

D3 and Wolcen only require one character to complete it, which I don’t mind.

Torchlight 1 & 2 and Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 are all about the campaign itself, except mods gave TL2 lots of alternate and endgame options.

As for how long it should be in LE, I wouldn’t mind the length if it weren’t for the confluence of it being extremely linear and the endgame making it largely pointless. This is why I advocate to either make it optional or rework it so that it stays relevant even into echos. The current design path points toward something more like D3 or PoE than it does Torchlight or Grim Dawn.

Basically, it feels too long if it takes more than a few hours (not speedrunning) and also feels pointless.


EHG and the devs. To stream once a week while playing LE and talk to us is ‘keeping it real’.
The QOL is well done and streamlined maps without doors is refreshing. End game totally works for me.
I have no doubt if they price MTX costumes fairly EHG will do very well financially i say that with the fact they wont charge for xpacs in the future which is smart b/c gamers will invest for time played if they feel respected.


Everything transformation. I Just love turning into mythical things that don’t exist IRL. Going around and just beating ass with it. werebear and spriggan form really give me that feel. cant wait to see what the reworks and 3rd transformation will bring to the table for me!

We have a lot of good stuff in the pipe for you then, sir! The new forms are looking really awesome. I’ve never personally been excited about Spriggan and I am after the internal updates… and the bear form update and the unreleased form are awesome. Looking like these will be released in 0.8.4 so we can have all the form updates including skill tree and passive changes released at the same time.


@Mike_Weicker :fist_right: :fist_left: fist bump

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That’s me :slight_smile:

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Does that mean the EQ Werebear build won’t be touched in 0.8.3? I can’t remember which one of you guys said that it wasn’t nerfed/touched in 0.8.2 as you were waiting for the larger werebear changes to do it all at once.

I enjoy that there are lots of ways to play the same class, and it totally changes the experience each time. The story line is pretty linear, but it doesn’t feel stale or boring. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out!

you just building up the suspense sir! my tin foil hat theories of osprix form being 3rd elemental melee transform. you being excited for spriggan. werebear becoming hulk. i cannot wait. Thanks for response <3

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Oh it’s still getting nerfed.

In 0.8.3?



The art style.