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Your Favorite Sentinel Build

I’ve just recently purchased the game, and as an alt-aholic, I already have multiple characters for each class.

For sentinel, both VK and FG look intriguing. Paladin shield throw looks to be the only interesting path for that class, but maybe I am won’t in that assumption.

What is your favorite Sentinel build, and why?

There’s a handful I enjoy, but if I had to pick one out of the bunch it’s Warpath VK. As a fan of anything that has a proc component to it and Whirlwind/Cyclone/Warpath it’s a win/win for me and with using Lunge you can just dash to packs, chop them down, then dash to another one. Just fast and fun with several different ways to build it.

However for honorable mentions:
Void Aura Spiral Hammer Throw VK
Void Crit Rive VK
Chain Lightning Smite Hammer Throw Paladin (clears packs like an animal but single target is bad due to lack of solid Lightning damage scaling on the Paladin)
Fire Shield Throw Paladin

Can’t say much for FG as I haven’t played it a great deal.

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Paladin is the best tanky boi. You can also go Penance build with Undisputed or Shield Throw.

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Personally, I’m loving my D-Orb- Rive build.
Well was, haven’t had a chance to really check him out since the Idols got neutered.

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Void Knight Hammer Throw caster using hammers to proc Smite and regain mana which is then dumped into Devouring Orbs for the Abyssal Orbs.


My favourite is Shield Throw Paladin, but I also love my Rive Void Knight and I find the Manifest Forge Guard fun. Soon I will probably do a Warpath Void Knight also.

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I’ve been lurking for the last few weeks, and have seen many of your builds.

I actually have a Sentinel set up for that, with +98% throwing damage at level 15 or so. Wasn’t sure to develop into more hammer and smite, or shield throw. You may have decided that… At least, for that character.

I have found many +minion items over several characters, so have been considering developing my 2H Sentinel into Forge Guard…

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Here I was thinking Forge Guard was the tankiest of options…?

I enjoy the efficiency of spin to win builds… But I find them boring very quickly.

To give credit to the game, I am currently finding the switch between Lunge, Warpath, and Vengeance very smooth, regardless of the order of skills being triggered. Very fluid gameplay, largely seamless.

Impressive, unto itself.

Regardless, I am trying to avoid Warpath… Though I appreciate the efficiency (and do currently have it specced as my 3rd specialization) it kinda kills me on the inside.

2H Erasing Strike

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Doing it wrong as usual! Good job that man!

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Warpath paladin, stacking pure phys damage. Got 291 arena yesterday. VK imo for warpath is bad, since if you spam sigils + reversal, you have no sustain to cast anomaly and double lunge. Plus imo going pure phys is best option for paladin since the added phys damage from weapons is so high.

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I would take VK for his leeching skills, in fact

Nothing stops you from taking 8 points in World Eater as paladin tho. I have 25 invested in Void knight tree as paladin too, including Void corruption, world eater, abyssal endurance and Finality.

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Sure, but that would be a total of 13 points in VK. There is a decision to make: go Paladin and take 13 VK nodes or go VK and maybe take several Paladin nodes. Still unsure. I first thought about VK because I wanted to go with Void damage. Warpath can have some. But I’m still unsure.

Depends on how you build it, but the Paladins self healing, block chance, free critical strike avoidance, glancing blows, and Holy Aura makes it pretty damn tanky. Both are real good at it overall though.

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