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You should get potion belt filled when you level

That’s it . My character leveled and was very surprised to see that this did NOT happen.

Potions are items that fills the belt. Why should they fill up when you level?


I’m with @Jerle here, that doesn’t make any sense.

Items = kill things to earn them.

A no from me as well I’m afraid.

Not to mention that potions drop so frequently already that your belt will fill up in no time.

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Rather, potions should have some more interesting interactions with your skills, and gear/affixes, and some unique scaling. lobbing all your potions on enemies to do extra damage.

Not one yes. :frowning:
tough crowd.

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Then it will be PoE, we don’t want that

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lol. yes, that’s true.
probably, that’s even what i was thinking.
anyway, certainly i get the difference.
suggestion withdrawn ?

I meant in the literal sense. Lob potions. you dont throw flasks at enemies :slight_smile:

To expand upon this idea, I was thinking of potions getting its own unique skill tree, that all classes could use.


There are already mechanics with potion interaction to give ward instead of life and entire builds made around that concept.

Maybe the Paladin Healing Hand skill will have some of this when they finally do its skill tree…

No there’s not. I SAID WHOLE SKILL TREE, not a couple nodes sprinkled here and there amongst skills in different classes. And ward is shit right now, nobody builds for ward.

I think that’s a very cool idea.

Start a new thread so i can upvote ! :slight_smile:

Apartt from Spellblades.