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You guys know black hole is currently a buggy mess right?

I shouldn’t really need to say too much. Just try using it:P
Operating System:

Detailed description:

What were you doing at the time?

How consistently does this happen?

Your system information:

Your log file:

This is not a helpful bug report. :confused:

Haha ok dude. Well basically monsters will be randomly shot out of the black hole to be randomly positioned in a chaotic manner. Theres hit issues where for some reason certain skills don’t seem to do damage to all the monsters in the black hole properly. It affects ai behavior in strange ways. Not to mention the graphical errors.

You can say its not helpful but I just haven’t heard anything about it. I just sort of thought it was very obvious the fixes that needed to be made but just wanted to make sure you guys were aware of the problems with the skill. The problems are worse with the nodes that cause the center to move.

You guys do internal play testing right?
You couldve responded with “we are aware of the many issues with black hole” which is what I expected. But telling me I’m not helpful works too.

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Thanks, that’s more helpful.

Please bear in mind that bugs won’t necessarily affect everyone - for example, they may only exist on a particular Operating System, or be due to a particular specialization tree node. If you don’t tell us what we’re trying to reproduce, it makes life very difficult for us.

Doing internal QA doesn’t mean we’ll find every bug.

That’s true. Its just so weird that I assumed it was more seriously broken. I suppose there are some pc set ups where its working fine. My apologies.

Would be very curious to hear from people where it’s working perfectly.

We do internal testing (I’m the QA lead), but we simply don’t have the manpower or hardware variety to catch everything. The most issues I’ve encountered in my testing (and gameplay I’ve seen) is that the pull strength is quite strong at the moment which can lead to enemies jittering around the center of the black hole, but that’s all I can think of. It’s possible that could cause some of the targeting issues you’re describing.

Posting a screenshot of your skill tree for black hole, your system specs (OS, Graphics Card, etc) and some screenshots or video (if possible) of the behavior you’re seeing will make this much easier to address.

We would much rather receive multiple reports saying the same thing than no reports at all, so even if you think something is an obvious issue it’s still helpful to report in detail. :slight_smile:

Sorry if this should be obvious but what’s the key command for screenshoting in game? Prtscn doesn’t seem to work. Also where are the screen shots located?

There’s no screenshot function in game. Try holding the Windows key and then pressing print screen.

If you have Windows 10 and use Windows key + Print Screen key, then a file is created in the <users>\Pictures\Screenshots folder.


As a serious video game enthusiast, I of course removed my windows key immediately upon purchasing my keyboard:P If you bump it by accident in some of the games I played competitively it would minimize the game. So providing screen shots is kind of a pain. However, I think I’ve figured out the issue.

I use windows 7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760. After some testing the problems only occur with builds that have a very high pull strength. I basically only used black hole for all of my builds until now to keep monsters in place so I would not get any of the nodes that reduced pull strength. And put at least four points in the increased pull strength thinking this would keep monsters as close to the center as possible. The most glaring bug this set up causes is the monsters perhaps stacked too closely? They would “explode” from the center and be randomly dispersed in a circlular formation with a wide diameter around the center of the black hole. The dispersion is not uniform as far as I can tell. Again this is only with very high pull strength % increase compared to other builds. With lower pull strength this bug does not occur. Also the targeting issues are not present as you predicted with lower pull strength set ups.

Additional information on my last play through. I had minimized the pull strength invested on the tree but the enemy dispersion bug still occured on packs that high amounts (in my opinion) of sprite generation. I cant remember the exact names of the monsters but the void infused blade attacks and the wave attacks from umbral something…

Best I can do.

I have the same problem with the black hole, probably because I do not have such a powerful PC.

I realized that the higher the pulling force, the more common there are problems with the skill.

In the vast majority of cases, problems happen when void creatures are involved - (Black / purple giant slimes). When these creatures are sucked by the black hole, they leave a color ballast all over the screen, which ends up causing a lot of lag on less powerful computers, but also generates the situation where the creatures are thrown randomly around the map (some even disappear).

Sorry for the quality of my English.

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