YoloMouse Recently

Since this is 3rd party I figured safest place to put this was OT.

Has anyone had issues with YoloMouse lately?

The shortcut won’t open it for me in LE. I can open YoloMouse in any other program but I can’t get it to open when I’m in LE so I can’t change any parameters. It WORKS but I can’t adjust anything now because I can’t get at the menu.

If I try to do it from desktop or what not I can’t seem to access LE stuff so that wasn’t an option either. Just trying to find out if it’s something borked with my settings or if it’s occurring to anyone else.

I have verified files for both. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled YoloMouse. No avail.

I don’t know about Yolomouse.
But one thing I have noticed is that I can’t alt-tab out of LE, nor click anything on my second screen, without LE automagically minimising itself.
Only game I know that does that, maybe that’s why you are struggling to access a third party menu?

I know, not a super helpful answer…

That’s very odd. I’ve only ever had that happen if I’ve got a game set to normal fullscreen (not borderless fullscreen windowed or whatever it is that its normally set to).


OK, you are right (some would say, as usual).
I feel silly now, I switched to borderless window and I can use this forum while LE proudly stays up on main screen.


Thanks all. Did some digging. Figured out yolomouse has a cache which apparently doesn’t get deleted if you uninstall.

once I cleared that out I got it back to working correctly. It was strange, just the CTRL-ALT hot key was having issues. All good now.

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