Yep another Monolith improvement suggestion

While playing as a Circle of Fortune character, I’ve noticed that doing prophecies has made the game far more enjoyable, forcing player to do different monoliths or dungeons. It would be nice to have a different system that has a similar vibe to it, and is accessible to all factions.

Let’s take the monolith quests, that everyone does once on non-empowered and forgets about them. Replace it with optional quests. They become available when all empowered monoliths are unlocked.

Each time an empowered timeline is rerolled, a set of optional quests for that timeline spawns. There can be a random number that spawns, chosen from a pool of quests for that monolith. Each quest is a node that is marked on your monolith map, so you know where it is on a non-explored map, the rewards are also displayed so that you know what to target.

The rewards can be anything useful that is not too OP. For example, a number of exalted items of a certain type, either with higher level item base (or, in case of jewelry, one random base type known in advance, cause you might want a low-level base type, like silver ring) or with exalted affix being of a certain category (like categories in the loot filter).

When you complete a quest, there is a chance that a new random quest spawns in a different timeline, adding to a number of quests that were naturally spawned there, rewards for that quest are random, but are more likely to be of the same type as a completed quest. Each timeline has a maximum number of quests that can’t be exceeded though. That way you can farm one timeline, but it is more efficient to go to different ones from time to time.

As for quests themselves - they can be anything, starting from just a regular monolith node (to save on development cost), to actual unique maps, created with a theme for that monolith, similar to what we have now with story quests in monoliths.