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Xp scaling at end game

Evening all, hope you are all keeping well. Just a quick question. Is there any particular reason for leveling progress slowing down so drastically after hit 75? After clearing all the content it would be awesome to start doing new and different builds for end game, but the leveling progress is so stagnated that it actually feels like its slowing the game down.
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Your character leveling slowing down, doesn’t stop you from trying new builds.

Respeccing skills is super fast the furhter you get. Skills need a fixed amount of exp, so respeccing at lvl 70+ is super fast.

Besides that reaching hgiher levels should take time IMO, it’s not mandatory for any build to work (unless you want to use a specific build enabling unique, which some of the highest ones are ~lvl 80).

I would not bother that much with the character level, there are other progression systems, like MoF Blessings and Timelines.


Once you enter empowered monoliths, your XP will speed up a bit compared to before, thanks to stacking modifiers and their rarity/experience bonuses. Experience shrines you find in a lot of maps also become important, don’t waste them, stacked with modifier’s bonus, they’re great boosters if your build is good in clearing.


Hitting max level in LE happens so fast especially compared to other arpg’s. I really wouldn’t want it to be any faster.

And the devs have said that they intend to slow it down.

I think the xp gain early game is a bit much, but the drop after 75 makes it slow down to the point of not being enjoyable. For me personally seeing my lvl go up is part of the package until you hit end game, but it needs to be consistent. Out of interest, what benefits do you gain by slowing down xp gain to such an extent?

mostly it gives a stretch goal for each character. I still usually stop before hitting 100 but on the character that i have hit 100 on it was way faster that POE (my only other comparison point) and it felt anticlimactic like i haven’t reached a real goal.

You artificaly increase the time valid content is available. The endgame starts rather early in LE atm after the last boss fight with Monos but then again there is more to come sooo yeah we’ll see what we get and what the true endgame looks like.

Right now endgame seems to be who can handle most negative effects in monos and get through it. Just plan ahead to level 85ish right now and be done with it because getting to 100 is only a epeen thing noone realy cares about when you can do everything atlower levels. if there was a mode only available at 100 the design would be bad but right now noone needs level 100.

Thank you very much for the replies, makes sense. I’ve just started to do empowered mono’s and i can see a big gain in xp.
Cheers all