+X Lvl to skills not working


Trying to allocate bonus skills points coming from +lvl skills doesnt work and also undesirable side effects:

  • unequiping and re-equipping items that gives +X lvl to skills will grant bonus points again but allocating them will disallocate previously allocated points
  • When a skill level up, the bonus points and level to all skills will get back to 20


Hello any news on this or workaround on this?
My minion build is atm unplayable, got +4 levels that doesnt do anything :frowning:

Bumping this as I’m seeing the same thing. Funny enough, for me the unequip and requip lets me properly allocate points above the 20 cap as long as the item doesn’t have +4 skill.

For instance, my wings w/ +2 to fire melee allows me to spec 22 points into warpath even though the UI shows 20. However, my +4 smite relic is running into the same issue you describe.

Related issue probably: I have a relic with +1 to Fury Leap and +1 to Swipe. When I equip it, it shows 1 available point for each skill, but as soon as I spend one, the other disappears.
(edit: possibly a UI bug; if I click nodes on the other tree it seems to spend the non-existent point)