"+x Gold" label stuck on screen

It seems someone had the same issue in July 2020, but the thread was closed.

The gold pickup text is stuck on screen and changing areas doesn’t remove it.

Here is the player log file from the play session:
Player.log (60.3 KB)


I should add that I was messing around with my UI turned off before this happened. I was walking around with it toggled off and then maybe 2 minutes after I toggle it back on this happens. Perhaps the events are too far apart to be related? I dunno, it’s the only relevant thing I can think to report about what was going on when this took place.

Hello! Just checking, was your UI disabled when you initially picked up the gold?

This just happened to me as well. It was right at the end of the cinematic of heorot dying, so I guess technically the ui was disabled when I picked it up.

This also happened to me and I’m pretty sure it also happened when I picked up some gold right as the Heorot cinematic was playing. It’s persisted between a couple of zone changes now.

Yup, this is a known issue. We’re tracking this internally.

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