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Wrong Skin

The Taste of Blood axe shows up as a cleaver.

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Not all of the uniques have 3d models yet - especially the older ones… Taste of Bloods base item is a Rusted Cleaver so thats what the game is showing.

The devs update unique 3d models almost every patch so I expect this is just a matter of time till this gets changed.

In that case I will not report other possible wrong models.

Entirely up to you either way… You are likely to notice a variety of 2 & 3d modelling issues and there is no harm in reporting them (after checking if someone else hasnt already)…

Uniques are just a special case because they never had special 3d models of their own, just the default bases. So if you find one without like the Taste of Blood, its unlikely that its a bug, just that it doesnt have its own model yet… You would probably be logging unique 3d model problems all day at this stage…