Wrong music plays in The Temple of Eterra/Frigid Hinterland - doesn't it?

Hello, recently started playing again and there is one particular detail that I remember about the campaign, which is the soundtrack in The Temple of Eterra. It is a beautiful slow female chorus accompanied by piano, with a strong melancholic note that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the instance, with its orange-glowing lotus ornaments infested by purple Ruined, with the piece of the Epoch having a monologue while you approach it.

To my surprise, when I entered The Temple of Eterra, the soundtrack no longer plays. Instead, it is something super generic that I cannot even remember anymore now writing this post.

Imagine my surprise when I hit endgame and in the Monolith, there is a zone called Frigid Hinterland (Divine Era, Monolith) that does play this soundtrack that previously played in The Temple of Eterra (Ruined Era, campaign). The soundtrack doesn’t really match the overall theme of the zone, cold snowy landscape.

Thus, I wondered, is this a bug? Is the music that plays in Frigid Hinterland in the Monolith not supposed to play in The Temple of Eterra in the Ruined Era of the campaign and vice versa?

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