Wraiths bug when changing zones

Wraiths bug out when changing zones in Monolith. I was able to recreate it on my first attempt… Not sure about other areas but this also happens in the fight with Lagon. When he teleports you, your wraiths bug out the same way.

They do nothing and just sit there indefinitely taking a spot from your max summon count. This completely breaks the build, especially in the middle of a fight like Lagon.
Relogging will fix the issue.

Video of me recreating the bug when leaving Monolith.

https://imgur.com/a/TMpCn8K (end of Lagon fight).


Can confirm this happens to me on Lagon as well.

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Demonstration of the bug on Lagon.
After the transition, some of the wraiths end up in a ghost-like state (no pun intended).
They don’t take damage or attack, and take up wraith-slots from the total allowed.

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I have this bug as well. Wasn’t happening on the weekend and now it’s happening every other map.

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Same here, it’s happening on every instance that there is a teleport involved.

You don’t need to relog to fix it tho, just swap the spell to another one and they will be gone.


Same for me on Lagon


Same. Workaround is logging out after every single monolith node, which is horrible in light of the login servers at times.

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I should comment that removing Aberrant call when you have more than 6 “stuck” wraiths seems to not do anything to remove them either.

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Yeah I have been having some issues playing minion builds too, especially monoliths, wolves/squirrels seem to spawn off screen in the void or something.
Encountered similar issue as you on my necromancer.

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Same issue here but on monoliths. Build is basically unplayable when this happens.

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same bug here, not fixed in 1.0.1

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are they even seeing this to fix?

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It probably is gonna require some complex coding changes

Still experiencing this glitch

A slight workaround to be able to play with this issue:
-let all wraiths die before going through portals (dont stack life reg on gear so they die faster)
-teleport to town if you have stuck wraiths, all minions despawn when in neutral zones

Its ok to try and work around by swtiching skills to reset the wraiths. But today I was in Lightless Arbor when they stopped attacking again after going to the boss room. Couldnt switch fast enough to “reset” that skill and died at the boss.

Is there an eta as to when it will be fixed?

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