Wraithlord's Harbour question (MG/CoF)

I really wanted to try this, and started a char in MG, got to 65 and bought the helm. All GTG. But my main was CoF, and now I want to switch. I know I cannot use this MG-purchased WH if I switch to CoF, but can I farm the helm myself? Or do I need to farm it on a different (CoF) character? Worried that if I find one now, it will still be tagged as MG.

Also, is Black Sun the best place to farm it? Thanks!

In order to use an item you purchased while being in Merchant’s Guild, you need to still be in that faction.

In order to use an item you acquired through the benefits of Circle of Fortune, you need to still be in that faction, also.

If you want the helmet in CoF I’d recommend you farm Ascendances through prophecies, and pop a bunch of CoF-tagged helmets against them, since I think it’s a like 1-22 chance you get the Wraithlord, and if you use CoF-tagged helmets it has a chance not to use the Rune, if you meet the faction rank requirement.

Target farming unique helmet prophecies while running the helmet-focused monolith echo while doing so is also a good way to find one.

The system in place is to prevent someone from using the gear acquired in one faction to progress quickly and profit off the other faction, but it’s not a perfect system since it’s brand new.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Is Wraithlord’s Harbour even able to be gotten with a Rune of Ascendance? I don’t see any %chance listed on LastEpochTools.

I think anything you farmed (not purchased) while in MG is untagged, which means CoF characters can actually equip them.

I have left MG after the first week, so I am not sure if this is still the case. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Interesting, to back that up, I just had a “The Cuckoo” drop on this MG char, and it is not tagged for anything (not MG or CoF). You may be right!

That is correct.

What monolith is helmet focused?

Black Sun is helmet focused.

Infographic here: Focused monolith farming

I only have 1 toon that can do empowered monoliths and I noticed I can see the focus on that character, but not the other characters.

I switched to mg to play the build and as soon as I got the helm to drop I switched back to cod. So yea you can play mg until the helm drops