Wraithlord tries to consume friends summons on Co-Op, disabling it completely

What went wrong?

Wraithlord spawned from “Wraithlord’s Harbour” Helmet tries to consume friends summons on Co-Op, disabling it completly (it does not attack), as it only executes the consume action indefinitely.

Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable

Video of the Wraithlord bugging with friend pets

In the video you can see my friend falconeer bugging my Wraithlord as soon as their pets are spawned.

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+1 on this, makes the build completely unusable in coop if your friend has any minions. I’m effectively locked out of coop at this time on my main character I just spent hours respeccing into wraithlords and it’s very frustrating.


Yep unplayable in party

yep, also have this issue, cant play with my friends and have to respec :frowning:

Hopefully something that is addressed quickly. Incredible spec, just this coop bug.

I want to add that it also happens with the ‘Frozen Beetle’ minion that the shrines give to my Co-op allies, so even if they don’t have minions, it will still break when we find this shrine.

This also seems to happen with totems and Shamans in Spriggin form.

Same for me. I submitted an in-game bug report for this too. I hope they fix it quickly.

Edit: It seems to be affected by any minion at all that is controlled by someone else in your party. Even vines spawned from Eterra’s Path boots stop it from working properly.

Same problem with play with friend ( CO-OP). We play necromancer both, and i play Wraitlord build. We cant play together bcz my Wraithlord aggred on pets of my friend and trying summon small wraith. Plz fix this problem

+1 on this

+1 please fix this so I can play with my friends…

Yep can definitely confirm. It’s my favorite character but i have to either play it alone or group with friends that have no minions, which is basically nobody on my friends list.

+1 sad day i just got the build up and running

+1 same here. I was wondering why my Wraithlord isn’t attacking enemies, instead he tried to consumed my friends totems, lol

This was fixed in the 1.0.3 patch on 3/13/24!