Wraithlord not following anymore

Just specced in to the warlord build and when i cast dread shade on it, it just stops moving. I can cast infernal shade and it moves, but as soon as i cast dread shade, it stays on place without moving. Is this a bug? I checked and i don’t have any points spent on the locus of death node.

I recommend you read the upgrades you took for Dread Shade.

Just had a look at which nodes i picked, nothing related to the problem. Im following a guide that supposedly works fine! Damn, that’s weird.
Don’t know if it’s related, but the wraithlord icon on the top left, it’s a blank, white, square…

nvm… found it.
Was the deadlock node at the bottom left.
Thanks again for the input.

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I just teleport him around. The wraith lord is an idiot 90 percent of the time. It’s 50 50 if he moves or not and even when he’s not being lazy he bugs out and doesn’t attack unless I teleport him to the same spot he’s already in