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Would like to upgrade my supporter pack/wanted to know if I get another key if buy the next tier

Hey there, I bought the game through steam cause I wanted to try it out (needless to say I’ve been having a blast) and I wanted to further support you guys. So I was wondering if I could do one of two things: Either buy the ardent champion pack, keeping the extra rewards in my account and getting a key to gift a friend or getting a refund on the first purchase to “upgrade” to the new tier :slight_smile:

If neither of these are possible, are there any other options ? Thank you in advance ^^

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Hi there!

Upgrades aren’t currently available, however we’re hopeful this will change in the next month. When they return you should be able to upgrade through the website. We aren’t able to offer a refund for your previous purchase or have a purchase effect multiple accounts.


Thank you very much !! I’ll wait a bit longer then :slight_smile:

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