Would it be possile to let us choose between highlighted and normal tags for all items? Its right there, but still so far away

It would greatly benefit every lootfilter and it seems like such an easy change! Please make them available to all items, uniques and setitems do not need that many.

I don´t know how to upload picture here, so here is the link to the reddit post. post

I’m totally confused as to what you want & how it’s not possible at the moment.

Uniques and Set items have special tags that can not be chosen for other items. Those are the highlighted tags. What i want is to use those for other items f.e. an exalted item with the right base or an exalted item with a t6/t4 double mod for legendary crafting.

I think it’s your usage of terminology that’s confusing me. In LE, tags are what skills have:

Items have affixes & you can recolour items based on the item rarity (Chains of Uleros unique belt recoloured white):

Do you want to be able to recolour/etc uniques based on the value of their unique affixes? Such as an Eternal Eclipse having good rolls?

I want to have the Unique or Setitem coloured label on normal-exalted items. Basically, let me choose the whole colour palette available in the select item label colour tab.

Like this but with a solid background for both?

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