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Working on our next KickStarter Update - what would you like to see included?

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I’m aiming to push out our next KickStarter update sometime next week, and I’d love to hear from you if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see included.

The topics I currently plan to talk about are;

  • Either the date we expect to make the Necromancer patch available, or include a link to the download.
  • That those without Necromancer access will get everything else. There's lots to look forward to!
  • That this will be our final pre-alpha update. We've been hard at work to ensure it's worth the wait!
  • Information pertaining to the Last Epoch t-shirts & vinyl stickers we'll be sending some of you.
  • Developer Discord access, and when the final waves of invites will be sent out (25th & 28th).
  • Reiterating what to do if you don't yet have your forum badge or community Discord server role.

I sincerely apologise for how quiet we’ve been recently! In addition to the backer rewards, I’ve been working on my own project for a while now. It’s not part of the game, but hopefully it’ll be very useful.

How about the signed game mat and exclusive figurine?

What does this mean? Full patch download will be aavailava to everyone but only beta access+ backers will be able to select necromancer class?


Jerle keeps asking about a roadmap, other people might be interested in that, or at least an idea of what we should expect from the team while they are making the transition from pre-alpha -> alpha release.

Figurines seem dope!

Mitch said the dev road map will be ready sometime early in alpha which is why I’m not pressing for it now :slight_smile: Having said that, perhaps it’s useful to assure backers when would the team be ready to share a more detailed roadmap leading to release.

Thanks, good suggestion. These will probably be mentioned in the update.


Thanks. I’m aware of the request but I don’t think we’re quite ready to set things in stone just yet.

I’ll speak with the team about it.