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Working on an ice-based Lightning blast build: Suggestions?

Hi, So I am currently working on an ice-based build with Lightning blast (ice) and ice barrage as main damage. I am currently level 46.

Overall, the dps output is very high. I can take down bosses in a few seconds mostly.
I just have a few problems:

  • very high mana need
  • defense is kinda meh.
  • somehow, it feels a bit “off” sometimes. If you see the skills you know what I mean.
  • And I still haven’t decided yet for a fifth skill. Ice barrage is very nice up to now, though I am not sure if its a good combo with ice blast because both need tons of mana to sustain.

That being said, the build is kind of fun, I just don’t know yet what I should get next and how I should optimize my gear and skills, which is why I am asking here. That being said, I have some gear farmed over a long time, but the current gear is just to survive.

Link to Lastepochtools: Sorcerer, Level 46 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Any suggestions?

That’s clear, you just have a tiny little piece of Health sitting on your gloves.
→ You have a total of 528 Health.

Your Mourningfrost is useless without Dexterity.

Try getting to at least 3,000 to 5,000 EHP in this EHP calculator: EHP Calculator

My build variation: static orb and ice barrage main skill, lightning blast on hit idols.

I have been thinking to add static to the build to proc lightning blast, replacing teleport, but mana cost become an issue

Thanks, that was something which I thought about, the problem was just that I picked up for my gear what I had in my stash for now.
That being said, I wanted to do a larger gambling when I reach lvl 50, the boots were the best boots I had (which didnt mean they were good).
Anyway, thanks for the input, I also wanted to change that.

Oh yeah, what I wanted to ask: Currently, I got the invoker’s set as rings and amulet, but somehow, I don’t think they’d do much good, do you have any suggestion for something better than that?

I thought about that in the first place, the major problem was as you said the mana cost, but also that static procs on hits.
This would be great if I’d play a spellblade with some sort of mechanics like that, but in my playstyle, it is more like a mid to long distance caster.

Static orb was also something I considered first, but somehow it feels more mana-draining than ice barrage and the damage of ice barrage seems to be a lot more.

That’s why I thought about maybe only using one offense skill ( lightning blast) and one skill for cc/escape (cold snap or black hole), while removing ice barrage and therefore putting in either focus or arcane ascendance for having more burst while also recharging mana faster.

But somehow, none of these options seems to be too overwhelming.
So you use static orb for main damage?

Yes, static orb for main damage and cc. It is fine on orbiting and occasional cast. Before 17-18 mana regen, you can take the node that reduce mana use by 22. Also since lightning blast is passive retaliation hit, I can put unspecialized focus on the skill bar to help.

There is idol that add static charge per second. Max out at 5. Personally not a fan of it after testing it though since it takes the largest idol space.

Standard and perfectly ok for most builds is something like this:

Damage Prefix
Damage Prefix/Intelligence Prefix if Ward Build
Health Suffix
Resistance Suffix/Critical Strike Avoid Suffix

Damage Prefix
Damage Penetration Prefix
Health Suffix
Resistance Suffix