Working on a full poison DOT Marksman build. Feedback appreciated!

My gear is not min/maxed at all. I have a few decent pieces but it still needs a lot of work. I will include a link to the build planner. Still messing around with skills and such. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Right now using shift to proc acid flask for poison shred, chance, damage. Kiting mobs through that. Shooting smoke bomb at the mobs and kiting them around firing poison detonating arrow and flurry to get mana and health back.

  • Both Arcing Blast & Piercing Thunder have no effect on DA once you convert it to Poison.
    Points into Well Crafted can boost your poison dmg and AoE.

  • Hydrochloric Acid on Acid Flask gives you a global 100% poison chance while you stand inside the poison pool which is a big dmg multiplier for pure ailment.

  • I also think a rare Serpent Bow does a better job compared to Acidfletch since you don’t need anything Hail of Arrows/Shred related. You can get 2 Prefixes (DoT & Poison dmg) up to almost 200% (perfect T5 rolls) and a strong Poison Chance & Chance to Chill roll as suffixes.

  • Try to get the 35% Crit Avoidance on Heightened Senses (Marksman), it’s 7 points but for pure Poison you can leave out points like Elemental Arrows out. I don’t think added dmg scales well with Poison DA conversion.


I’d take out 7 points from Elemental Arrows, put 3 into Siege Quiver (resists) & 1 into Fire & Steel (only elemental bow skills consume Elemental Arrows stacks). This would then give you 18% ele resist which would make gearing a bit easier & give you some spare points.


One question on Scorpion Arrow tooltip. It says ‘’…no longer converts added bow dmg to lightning’’ and at the bottom it simply says ‘‘no added Bow dmg’’.
Those different types of wording confuses me abit. Is every added flat bow dmg source completely useless for dmg scaling or is the added flat simply just not converted to either lightning or poison? Because if the first case is true, Sniper’s Gambit is useless.

I read it as you won’t get any of the additional damage nodes from the skill tree. Not 100% sure though. Good question. And thank you as always @TriKster @Llama8

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Took your advice about the skill trees and the passives. TY! Working on capping resistances but managed to roll a decent new bow and quiver. Haven’t updated those in planner yet.

I think it’s because the main purpose of that node is to give the explosion more poison chance & reduce the explosion’s damage. I think the devs did explain what it meant but I can’t remember…

hi im in the making of doing a poison build aswell whit da converyted to poison. what i fell culd work is to have atackspeed poison on hit and duration to stack up the poison dmg aswell as poison dmg and dmg over time inc. i did a fun test on build planer whit t7 dmg affixes just to see how much aavg dmg i culd get if i was lucky whit rolls and i culd get 903%inc dmg ocer time and 803%poison dmg but not sure how good that culd be for scaling the poison dmg in lvl 300+arena. but think that have alot of atackspeed culd work rly wel to inc the dmg of poison and not focus so much on dmg on da but just have it for aplaing poison on enemis

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