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Wondering about wandering spirits

I’m trying to understand how wandering spirit scales with specialization skilltree and the descriptions are really unclear. The skill description clearly states:

“4 spirits are revealed immediately after casting the skill and 13 more are revealed over the next 6 seconds.”

But then I have Eternal Hunt which increases the duration and Thin Veil which increases the reveal rate. To me it sounds like neither of these passives will actually increase the actual number of spirits revealed, just how long they can survive (if they appeared close to the end of the original 6 second duration) and how fast they appear, but in both cases it makes the passive skill sound completely useless.

So: Do you actually get more spirits from taking these nodes? How many more spirits?

My guess would be that maxing Thin Veil should give the original 13 spirits in 6*0.65 = ~4 seconds, so should actually give ~6.5 extra spirits, and then an additional ~19*5/6 for maximizing Eternal Hunt for a total of about 35 spirits, but does it really work like that?

Welcome! Your second guessing is actually correct - Eternal Haunt will make the skill reveal Spirits for longer - the rate at which they’re revealed is constant (About 2 per second at base). Thin Veil causes you to reveal more spirits over the Reveal Duration 13 x (1+.35) = 17.55 Spirits per 6 seconds (about 3 per second) - So if you take both nodes, you’ll have more spirits revealed for a longer duration.

Notable Bonus - Lingering Spirits will cause each Spirit that is revealed to last longer - 4 x (1+.39) = 5.56 seconds to be exact - causing more Spirits to be on-screen at the same time.

When the skill says “this doesn’t affect the total number of spirits revealed” there’s a hard-cap of how many spirits that can be revealed in the long run - but it’s much higher than you think.