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Wondering about a poison HoA build - found a bow

I found this today. Is poison Hail of Arrows viable?
I always get bored with Marksman, but the bow looks cool (even if on a weak base) and should be worth giving a try.
@TriKster, what do you think?


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I dont see a hoa build with this bow by mcfluffin. But him, llama and i had a short discussion once on his stream on how to use this bow. But we all agreed how weird it is to have shred and poison at the same time.
Idk if you ask me i think you can do far better with rare bows if you focus on poison builds. You can get a lot of poison chance on bow and a better 2nd suffix. Maybe someone found out a good combo with this bow. If you wanna focus on HoA dmg only, flat dmg on bow is the way to go because of 300% effectivness. Hoa duration is nice, but you can get enough from tree and idols.

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It’s not the same bow :wink:

OK, like almost always in Last Epoch.
The unique is a good starter, but nothing more.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are very few uniques that act like that^^

Also this bow is probably a very bad example of this, because of it’s hybrid nature, which is niche but that doesn’t make it bad.

I don’t know, I’ve seen many uniques that are really good… till you can craft something far better. Of course, this is mainly true for low level uniques. With some exceptions, like Exsanguinous.

The bow looks like either we’re supposed to have another specific damage dealer, or it’s a legacy affix from the creative phase :wink:

Since it’s a very new unique, i think it’s design is very intentional.

It has a very high combined stat budget, but has affixes that don’t work well together baseline, so you need to spec into DoT and Hit damage to make full use of it.

Yes, I’d like to know what they had exactly in mind when creating it. Right now, it looks like something that will not be “expert” and thus that will lack damage potential, but it may rely on a synergy I’m not aware about.
I don’t play Marksman much, I don’t like the playstyle and I don’t like the fact that three skills are almost mandatory in all builds. :wink: