Wolcen won't be supported anymore

That’s a very bizarre way of thinking it works. Tencent acquired a relatively small stake (<25% is all we’ve been told), they wouldn’t be funding the entire project, nor would they be taking any of the money. It depends on the details of the purchase, but I’d expect that they handed over some cash (subject to valuation of EHG & expected performance) with the expectation that dividends would be paid in the future.

It won’t be.

Is also not even slightly the case. Do you think the coders get rotated into the art roles & vice versa (in before someone says that that would explain some of the bugs/etc)?

A lot of the staff are not in the US (that’s the bit of the map that you have to scroll a really long way to get to) & US salaries are relatively high (the company I work for as payroll accountant have devs in the US, UK & Romania, can you guess the pay differential?).

Or any of it. What’s the point in putting a bunch of cash in to then take a load out?

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The problem with Wolcen was that the skill tree had a lot of bugs. Instead of fixing bugs, they decided to nerf the two best builds because reasons. They cared more about balance when half the builds didn’t even work properly than fixing their skill tree. All my friends stopped playing at this point.

One of the best looking ARPGs and they just went about doing stuff wrong.