Wishlist I would see in future after 1.0 starting

On the start I skip 2 obvious things which will be at 100%: Guilds and console versions, but I hope it will be cross-play. I am not console player but for example I wanna playing with my brother, who is only console user. It’s all, lets go to my list:

  1. Searching players to modes we want to play - it’s like in Diablo 3. Modes can be: Campaign, Monolith, Arena, Dung. Sometimes (even if we have guild) we wanna just play 1-2 fast round, so with random players is always funny and calmly.
  2. Fill skills for every classes - one class has less, other have more. In this point I would start from Masteries, then others. That problem mainly we see on Rogue, who has only 3 skills from class passive points and missing 1 skill per Mastery - Bladedancer and Marksman.
  3. Idols space - I am thinking about that assigned on whole account, not just per char (ofc separated for modes: HC, SC, Solo Found and Realms: Standard / Cycle).
  4. Monoliths - the same like in point above. Here I realize that can be too powerful, but what if we had min. lvl to enter x Monolith for other chars than the char on which we complete this Monolith. I give example to clear that out:
  • We have two chars X a Y
  • Char X has completed Mono “Reign of Dragons” (area lvl is 85, lvl of our hero doesn’t matter here)
  • Char Y has entered Mono “Black Sun” (he has lvl 82, area lvl doesn’t matter here)
  • Current to only way to get in “Reign of Dragons” for char Y is complete Monoliths “Black Sun” and “Ending the Storm”
  • In my idea to unlock “Reign of Dragons” for hero Y it’s other way - just get lvl 85 on him, what is lvl area for our desirable Monolith
  • The same rule is on every Monolith if we completed it on atleast one character and we have min area lvl for that on others
  1. Skip Campaign / adventure mode - I know is controversial, but pass Campaign for every Cycle is not good idea (especially for people who wanna create multi chars on every Cycle, Standard hasn’t that problem at all). In my opinion we have 3 different options (to be honest I would see option C, it’s seems so fair and good choice):
  • A) Complete Campaign on every single char on every League repeat - PoE
  • B) Complete Campaign just once on random char and you can skip this - Diablo 3 / Diablo 4
  • C) Complete Campaign for every Cycle reset, but just once in every Cycle, just enough on one hero. In this way we can use point 3, where we gonna get Idols just on one char for others new, but problem is what from lvls 1-50+ instead of Campaign? My idea is just create 2-3 mini Monoliths for lowers lvl, maps and location we can transfer from just original Campaign to that and it will be doesn’t to waste work on these places.

Thx for reading. It’s just my suggests, I’m counting to read your ideas and feedback to my post. Let’s make LE yet more amazing!

On the idea of idol spots being shared account wide (but not between HC/SC/SSF/etc) I would like to see skill points from quests handled the same way. This would let people who don’t wanna do the campaign over and over again each cycle just need to do the campaign once per cycle, then their other characters ca hop right into monos.