[WIP] Crit Sword and Board Warpath Paladin (0.7.4b) Video Added

This will be my first build guide EVER… so bear with me while to try to convey what i have got working thus far to get me in the Top 10 Arena 163 9th currently. 11/25/19 12PM EST!

UPDATE- 349 Arena tonight 11/28/19 and after crafting every single possible weapon i can possibly think of it turns out Undisputed is our best damage. Still need to try a couple more things but this build just isn’t going to ever make great damage but, the defenses alone seem to carry it anyway.
Crafting a Raider Axe till you drop Undisputed still stands however and can make enough damage to make it to 300 all be it a bit slow compared to other builds.

And do keep in mind i broke 300 with this same build at level 90 a couple nights ago but, because it was made before 7.4 it didn’t show so i releveled it to 70 so far and counting. Still only running a Double T4 Prefix Weapon as well because im running low on mats from sorting the rest of my gear for Defenses as well as testing a bunch of different rolls on weapons till i finally decided the only way this build would make the damage i need was going Crit!

Pushing 300+ Arena will require not only good RNG but knowledge of the certain monsters that pose the most danger. Mostly Monsters with Ground Effects being the worse and ofcourse Void Monsters.

PROS: Tanky, Decent Damage for a 1H+Shield Melee Build, Only uses One Unique Item that isn’t required but helps give leech we would lack otherwise, Has the option of using Undisputed for your weapon till you can craft the perfect weapon for the build. Crafting the Weapon can be easy since it only Requires 2 T5 Prefixes. Suffixes are completely optional.

CONS: Requires Cooldown management to keep mana in check, May require mana rolls on gear till later levels, Cant make the crazy damage numbers 2H Crit can achieve, Requires knowing what monsters to kite in 200+ arena.

SKILLS: Warpath - Lunge - Holy Aura - Ring of Shields - Volatile Reversal

Skill Tree Points Allocated!

4:Unbound Storm
1:Reckless Spin
2:Iron Reach
6:Whirling Blades
1:Quicksilver Wind
4:Precise Spin
2:Deep Strikes

4:Lunging Might
4:Rallying Charge
4:Forge On
Last 5 points are free to do with as you please but i chose 4:Overwhelm 1:Iron Onslaught for a little extra damage

5:Call To Arms
4:True Strike
Following 7 points are Free but what i use is as follows and can be adjusted depending on current gearing and needs 3-5:Shelter From The Storm 2-4:Against The Odds

3:Enduring Defense
1:Shield Spike (Optional)
2:On The Path
2:Healing Shields
5: Sturdy Shields

1:Incipient Void Rift
2:Travelers Fatigue
2:Ancient Reversal
3:Time Sap
3:Warped Time
1:Catching Up
1:Timelost Vitality
1:Terminal Void Rift
3:Dark Expanse
3:Harbinger of Dust

So this is a Spin to Win build. We use Holy Aura for its nice damage buff and Ring of Shields for its nice defensive buff. Volatile Reversal is for Mana Sustain and requires some careful play in order to keep our mana topped off. Also debuffs mobs where we teleport to AND from.

When starting out you’ll start by Lunging into packs or begin spinning and once your are engaged with your pack you’ll pop both Holy Aura and Ring of Shields then immediately Volatile Reversal and pop to full mana and continue spinning till your Holy Aura is ready again and from there it should be offset with Ring of Shield to where you can rotate between both buffs after 2 sets of each they will line back up together and repeat the whole process. Lunge as needed to engage packs as well as to setup for placement of Volatile Reversals to place your character where you want. Lunge as often as you can since for 4 seconds after Lunging we get more damage and str and defenses!

Its all about timing mostly. The most important thing is getting over 100 mana otherwise it can be tough to have enough mana for it all to work. Don’t take Deep Strikes till later if you have issues and put those points in either Unbound Storm or Rejuvenating Spiral instead till you get more levels for more mana off the passive tree or gear. Eventually once you have 12 passives in Reverence of Duality you shouldnt need mana rolls on gear anymore.

2:Iron Mastery
After 90+ you can fill out Iron Mastery if you feel you need more damage later 90+.

5:Devouring Blade
8:World Eater (Not Necessary if you run Yrun’s Wisdom Unique Chest)
Devouring Blade can be maxed after 90+ if you feel the need for more damage.

1:Majasa Firebrand
10:Flash of Brilliance
8:Rahyeh’s Strength
8:Faith Armour
10:Staunch Defender
4:Shield Wall
12:Reverence of Duality

This will be a 91 Tree allocate nodes to rush Reverence of Duality and allocate Block first. Then fill out Life then Block Protection. The other 9 points can be used as you see fit for more damage or whatever.

So this is a Build utilizing Block as well as Glancing Blow for its primary Defenses. Leech, Amour, and Protections are also scaled as high as you reasonably can without sacrificing too much otherwise. Dodge does nothing for us because of taking Shield Wall and having 100% Less Dodge as a result. Have not tested dropping this and trying to work in some dodge because i feel i would be stretched too thin if i did so.

Leech i use Yrun’s Wisdom Unique Chest for its nice 30% Leech whenever we do actually start taking damage in high Arena’s. This along with the Void Knight Leech gives us huge sustain. If you use this chest dont worry about the Void Knight leech nodes till you have Block and Life nodes first. Otherwise rush those leech nodes if you dont use the chest. You could also potentially work out of the chest if you run T5 Life Gained on Hit roll on your Weapon with the leech nodes but that’s up to you personally i didn’t like the 30% leech lost in arena. and the 12% Leech even with a T5 Life Gained on Hit roll on weapon still didnt feel good enough for 200+. Plus this also makes our weapon harder to craft. Since as is we only need to worry about the Crit and Melee% Prefixes T5.

As far as Weapon we have two options for endgame. Undisputed Unique Axe or a Crafted Raider Axe. Look for a Raider axe with 5% Base Crit.


Prefixes:Melee Crit+Melee Damage
Suffixes:Life Gained on Hit>Free
Must be (Raider Axe Base) with 5% Crit!
Since we have some Fire damage inherent from our skills, passives, and tree Melee Damage% ends up being the best roll for damage for us. Melee Phys Added will be weaker for two reasons… We wont make use of any of the fire damage and penetration and Warpath only uses 40% of the added damage. Added Melee Crit gives us more base Crit. Crit% we miss out on too much base damage for it to be worth it and we can make crit up on other slots as well.

Crafting our endgame weapon is Easy since we only Require the 2 Prefixes be T5. Hit those first and if you can still craft after that work on T5 Life Gained on Hit. If you actually manage to hit T5 on those 3 rolls i would stop there… Too much risk of Damaging Fracture which can downgrade our rolls and screw up the weapon. I would also suggest using Rune of Refinement to make the prefixes as good as possible before trying for the Suffix as well. Again the suffix isnt the important part.

Sheild-Prefixes:Block+Health/Glancing Suffixes:Resistances.
(Solarum Base)
Gloves-Prefixes:Melee Attack Speed+Health/Glancing Suffixes:Resistances
(Logonian Base)
Amulet- Prefixes:Crit%+Crit Multi Suffixes:Resistances>Mana (If needed)
(Silver Amulet Base)
Relic- Prefixes:Crit+Crit Multi Suffixes Resistances>Mana (If needed)
(Radiant Crest Relic Base)
Everything Else- Prefixes:Glancing>Str Suffixes:Resistances>Life>Crit Avodiance

Once you have 100% Glancing Blow Fill the rest of your Prefixes with Strength where ever you can. Once you have good Resistances you feel comfortable with from there try to fill any open Suffixes with Life or Crit Avoidance.
This is all ideal rolls on gear and will require lots of crafting and farming to get everything sorted. But getting 90-100% Glancing and 90%+ Block is priority for Defenses. Crit rolls on Amulet and Relic are endgame you can run whatever you feel you need in their place for the leveling process like Mana.

Will post a Video showing the Trees and some Gameplay later this evening when i get a chance to once the kids are settled. May also post some screen shots on here as well.

Have Fun! Gonna try to get back to 90 and see if i can break 300 again before moving on to my next build idea. \m/

In the video i show Character Screen, Example Weapons, Current Gear, Passives, Skills and their Passives, and do a single Monolith Run and show some basic gameplay. In that order. Not much changes in Arena other than making sure you manage the CDs which isn’t much different. And swap to Undisputed for the best damage if you happen to have but its not needed.


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