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Wings of Argentus + Interaction with Dancing Strikes / Receiving Stuns

I’ve been testing Wings of Argentus (Wings of Argentus - Unique Gladiator Armor - Body Armour - Last Epoch Item Database) for its damage reduction while moving on my rogue.

What I was wondering is whether that damage reduction is applied between the little gaps of Dancing Strikes, where your character stands still for a split second before going to the next sequence of the attack.

After doing 100+ echoes I feel like I am not receiving the damage reduction in between the steps of Dancing Strikes. Its especially noticeable during the 4th sequence of Dancing Strikes, where you tumble forward slightly.

If we take a look at Foot of the Mountain (Foot of the Mountain - Unique Iron Greaves - Boots - Last Epoch Item Database), from what I can tell you lose the stacks it gives by standing still the moment you move.

Since I can’t visibly tell if the damage reduction of Wings of Argentus is active or not, I assume you lose its damage reduction the moment you stand still, even for a split second in between Dancing Strikes sequence

Again, this is speculation from my part. It could also have to do with the 4th sequence of Dancing Strikes being the least fluid, slowest and least distance travelled out of all the sequences. So you’re more likely to be taking damage during this sequence, especially with semi-tanky swarm mobs like those bird people with lances and fast attacks.

Receiving Stuns
I was also wondering what the interaction is between stuns and the damage reduction of this item. What happens first, assuming you were on the move when you get stunned?

Is it the stun (-> not moving) → receiving damage → no damage reduction from item since the stun happened before the damage?

I personally feel like I take noticeably more damage from the same enemy type in the same echo whenever I get stunned (I am 102% crit capped).

I’m not too sure yet what I think of this item. The damage reduction is quite noticeable in most scenarios, but there are also times where I nearly get oneshotted despite being on the move (or holding the key for continous Dancing Strikes).

Compared to another chest I have which raises my HP from 1600 to 2300 (should be about the same EHP as long as you’re moving with Wings of Argentus), I feel like my health % doesnt take as much random damage spikes.

Lemme know if you have any insight on these interactions or how you personally feel about Wings of Argentus versus other defensive chest options.

Yeah, if the character stops moving for whatever reason (stunned, the animation has you immobile, etc) you won’t get the DR from Wings of Argentus.

Ahh I see, it felt that way already. Is this something you know through someone looking at the code / having its mechanics confirmed by devs? I find these kind of things hard to confirm myself.

I don’t have access to the code (& am unlikely to understand it even if I did), but the devs have never said that the DR persists for a duration after you stop moving (I think they might have said you lose it when you stop, but I’m certain they’ve never said the reverse, that it persists). It is quite a difficult thing to test though.

Ah I see. I’m just gonna assume you’re right since it’s felt that way to me already. Still a curious interaction though due to the nature of how Dancing Strikes works.

I kinda wish it would persist for like .5 < seconds so you would still retain the bonusses in between Dancing Strikes or when charging up Synchronised Strike since those are the critical moments where you’d need the damage reduction.

It’s still a cool item though, I would definitely run it if I could make use of the damage bonusses or hit the jackpot with a LP2+ version of it WITH good stat rolls.


Yeah, and that’s valid feedback.

You can use Stormtide boots to check that out on dancing strikes. When your character will stop moving, you’ll get shock debuff.

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it looks weird

I wonder if the following has any impact on what you are experiencing @Darayna … Ability buffering…

With the current status display system, it is absolutely unclear what statuses and states your character has.

I don’t see the point in this armor for a rogue.

Because this is a tank game, any form of damage reduction is top priority.

I think it doesn’t help as much as you may think, sync strike into shift, or holding dancing strikes both have fractions where you count as “not moving”, but the “stop moving” condition doesn’t trigger.

Thanks for testing it , looks to be quite inconsistent what counts as “not moving”

“stop moving” condition does trigger. This is shown in the video.

In my experience, between dancing strikes and when your transition from one skill directly into another, there’s a fraction of time you could be hurt as full “not moving”, but doing the Stormtide boots testing, seems that the boots don’t trigger always.

Yes, seems is not quite consistent. What’s for sure you cannot count 100% on it for hardcore.

If you do not hold the movement command, then the shoes will always not trigger.
If you hold it, they always trigger.

Why is this happening? I would say that there is an mistake in the logic of tag assignment.

Absolutely right. The sad thing is that you can’t count on certain indicators in the game. Shoes are an example of that. You don’t get debuff for stopping, you think you’re not stopping, but in fact the game thinks you’re not moving.

Unfortunately, I observe that little attention is paid to such things. As a result, the number of mistakes accumulates catastrophically and in the future everything is repaired “+X seconds cooldown”