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Window Fullscreen Issues

Hello there,

i Play with “Window Fullscreen”.
After start Taskmanager the User Interface completly disappeares. Testet this 3 times…
Also my Char in Game does everything i do in other appllications.
And i cant save the Resolution of my Screen (1920x1080), after Launch its always 1600x900.

I play since yesterday, so read not all Posts here, sry if this is already reportet.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Partial duplicate of Resolution Settings Change.

The resolution not saving, per my testing, does not seem related to the window mode selected.

I have also noticed that the game continues to take input if it is not the current focus. (e.g. If i have my browser over the game window and click in the browser, my character moves to the selected location in game).

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