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Will umbral blade replace shuriken for rouge

HI dont know aobut you but to me it feels like umbral blade is jsut better and more fun to build around then shurikens. umbral feels better thx to they have axces to shadow dagger. only real good thing for shuriken is there suport for lightning dmg whit idols and uniqes. but if umbral get more uniqes then i think umbral will be so much better then shuriken.

dont know about you but thats how i feel.

I’m not sure at all why both can’t exist at the same time? You can build them in different ways to complement playstyles choices, or just roll with one or the other.

Hey, I’ve been playing around with a rogue based on throwing for a lil’ while now.

I feel like they can perfectly co-exist in the way they are utilized.

Shurikens are extremely good at piercing, area damage and applying ailments/resistance reductions at a high rate.

Umbral blades are really good at synergizing, crowd control and applying shadow daggers effect, also very good area and single target damage.

I use my shurikens to apply ailments and resistance reductions really fast and because it gives me sustain with one of the rogue passives when you reduce shurikens to have 0 mana cost, then my umbral blades just shred them.

For example: Using Sync Strike and follow up with Shurikens to reduce resistances massively, now follow up with Umbral Blades and destroy, it feels really good.
Also Shurikens feel like the throwing attack equivalent of an auto-attack like flurry, so it feels essential for me playing a throwing-attack build.

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