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Will they do anything with companions?

Hello, I just got back into the game and found out I had a pet. Will EHG be doing anything with companions such as allowing them to pick up gold, or shards? I think this would be a really cool edition so they don’t just sit there.

I think it would be more important to fix the bad AI of some minions like skeletons for example. Imo they just need to be way more aggressive.

Hmm, I haven’t played as a class that has minions yet, only sentinel. So I haven’t used minions

Hey Messier,
Are you talking about the cosmetic pets that just walk around with you?

Would be cool to have them pick up gold and shards. Maybe even give them their own inventory to store stuff :grin:.

This could be also implemented with achievements. I mean that you could level them and choose if they should pick up gold or shards and increase the radius with additional levels.


Yeah this would be really cool, I wonder if they will implement this. I sent you a friend request on discord by the way, I’m the guy from reddit asking for help on his build!

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Yeah, I remember. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah on reddit my name is different. Would you still be up for helping me ? I’m stuck on a giant crab named lagon

Absolutely. Just hit me whenever you’re online via discord.

We have a time zone delay so it might take a bit longer to communicate.

But you could also create a thread here to ask for help. There are a lot of experienced people here that just wait for the opportunity to help other people.

Put some info in here:

  • Your stats (screenshot if possible)
  • Where did you get stuck?

From what I get, you managed to get to Lagon at least so our initial conversation was helpful?

Cheers mate!

Boss guides by @McFluffin (it is related to monolith but the Lagon bossfight is mechanically the same)

First and third phase is a bit of a skill check where you have to read the attacks. second phase is a gear check. You need to sustain the damage and kill the tentacles fast enough.

Yeah will do man, and our first conversation was very helpful. Thank you