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Wierd scaling tag on explosiv blades

Hi not sure if its intended or not but to me it feels wierd that the sclaing on explosiv blade node in the umbral blade tre has int scaling insted of dext. Have an int build as a rouge just to scale the dmg from the explosion feels wrong. i rly love the exploding blades but the dmg feels rly low combared to the bleed or shadow dagger build options for the skill.

As Mike mentioned on the stream on Friday, the tags that aren’t a damage type (spell, melee, phys, etc) don’t matter. So it looks odd but the explosion would inherit the dex scaling from Umbral Blades.

aa thx alot just found it confusing whit the sub spell had int scaling. just have to try the skill some more and figure out the scaling. right now it seems to do tiny bit more dmg whit the explosion then the daggers itself.

Hi all !

I’m replying to this topic as I am also using the Umbral Blades skill, speciliazed as Explosive Blades, and for now I’m having a blast with it ! :grinning:

I just learned from your messages that the int scaling tag of the shard explosion secondary skill (coming from taking the explosive blades node) should not be taken into account to prefer the dex scaling of the base skill, and I am relieved, as this bugged me a little.

However, I spotted that the umbral blades skill can gain the fire tag (judging by the overall skill window), but taking the explosive blades node and all the related nodes don’t seem to activate this tag.

It came as a shock when changing weapons from more physical oriented ones to a new fire oriented pair, the tooltip DPS indicator went down but a big amount.

My question would then just be : is this “fire” component, which is I believe enabled by taking the explosive blades node, correctly taken into account, and is this just a “display issue”, or do I misinterpret how the fire scaling is applied to this specialization ? Maybe this secondary skill (shard explosion) is not merged into the base skill/tooltip calculation ?

I am actually trying to play a fire oriented blade dancer and those explosives blades seems like a solid addition to this kit :heart_eyes:

Did the actual damage on a target change when you changed weapons in an expected way (ie, it’s just the tooltip being weird) or not?

As it was late already when I figured this, I did not have time left to investigate that correctly. I believe my damage was higher, which was coherent with my gear/affixe upgrade.

Thus, I’ll take some time tonight to challenge the numbers to have more intel on if it is just a tooltip issue or not.

I do know that DPS tooltips aren’t always completely accurate, even if they tend to give us a good “relative” info when making a change.

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Ok so a little update here.
It appears that the tooltip and the actual damage do agree with each other (which is always good news).
My physical oriented swords indicate more DPS, and this is confirmed by the numbers on the dummy.

My fire oriented set does shift the increased physical damage to comparitively more increase fire damage, but this appears to not affect the base skill at all (which is coherent to the absence of the fire scaling tag) and thus have low impact, resulting in a DPS loss.

What is complex to analyse is the secondary explosive skill, which displays a very low DPS tooltip, but does the most of the damage.
The increased fire damage seem to also have little impact on this number, compared to the impact of physical or throwing.

I can’t easily figure how the sum of all those 2 skills are calculated, thus, by curiosity, I will use a spreadsheet (I found one initiated by Mordarim) to get a better grasp on this.

In all cases, I will keep this skill within my kit, as it does very good damage, as I will surely have bonuses to physical, and over all of this : because it looks so badass :star_struck:

Thanks for the info you gave Llama8 !

TL,DR: I may be wrong, but it would appear that the increase fire damage seems to have a quite low impact on this skill damage, when specialized to explosive blades. You should prefer increase to physical and throwing stats.

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The fire tag “just” means that it has no base fire damage & that effects that require a fire skill (Calamity’s ignite chance for fire skills, for example) won’t affect it. If you were able to add more flat fire damage, either from the Cursed prefix or from Cinder Strike’s Oil Coating/Coated Darts nodes that % fire damage would be a lot more effective.

This is interesting since the base stats for the explosion are 6 phys & 6 fire damage so it does at least have some flat fire damage for % fire damage to scale.

hi i have tested the skill for some time whit diffrent types of builds and i found that if you wanna play whit the explosiv build you shuld go whit so many blades as posible and scale as much throw dmg and fire dmg you can. i found out that i kill orobys way faster whit dagger spam and explosiv then whit singel blade and shaddow dagger explosivs.

if you wanna play whit the bladestorm node you basicly need to go whit shadow daggers and scale phys dex and shadow dagger effiecnsy.

the bleed and posion build can be good later on in higer monos thx to scaling but feel like the shuriken bleed build or lightning build is better for that thx to the new obsidian dagger uniqe.

the cold sub type of umbral is rly bad and not worht taking thx to it converts shock to frostbite and thers no good frost builds for rouges unless you play freeze punctuyre but thats for markswoman.

Edit forgot to mention but if you get a good roll on kelthan and get the ignite chance on throwing on a leg item i think exploding ingte stack build culd rly work im still trying to farm a kheltan whit a leg potential tag on it. will make a build theory in a new post where i post uniqes and try to finilize a ignite throwing build.