Why you make mi cri

I like this game and I want to have hope for it but I cannot. If this game releases in this state any time soon its deader than wolcen. It is a billion times better than D4 it has even more potential but you guys are fucking it up with the bugs in an unholy way that even Diablo would hide from you.

Please tell me why is every damn mob invisible? What the hell happened with the runemaster patch? Especially the monsters that are trapped in whatever…Imma call em essences cause PoE.

Why was the lady boss from the maze on the lagon island invisible? Why are mobs from the beacon on the monolith invisible? How do you do this? Guys please I dont mind it that much cause its still a game thats work in progress but please do not commit sudoku and release this. Take another year and fix the bugs…properly.

Even the minimap in rare occasions does not match where the hell you are…or youll see like a huge square of space which is just rocks or w.e blocks it and theres actually nothing there.

But yeah my only real issue with the game is that you guys want to release it in this way. Maybe yall pushed back the release date and I did not hear about it in which case am sorry but yeah this is not a game to be released to the world even if you need more money to sustain it just make a weird supporter pack on steam for people to buy or something instead.

Love you guys and gl.

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Overly dramatic sob posts like this are a waste of your time and anyone else’s to read.

What is overly dramatic in bugs that are so fucking big they should be fixed in the span of a day at best. The flesh boss from first monolith is also invisible. Same for the spires in the monoliths. Make this happen in any other game like this and watch the community revolt over it as they should because this shit is not acceptable my guy. I dont know what games you played where half of the monsters you were supposed to see were not there as you grew up but this is a crucial bug.

It really sounds like you are suffering from a specific bug that causes a lot of things to be invisible.
While this is annoying and frustrating for you, this doesn’t mean, that this is a widespread bug.

LE is certainly not bug free, but your sole experience doesn’t reflect the overall state of the game.

Have you tried fixing the issue?

  • Verify game files
  • Reset graphic settings
  • Reinstall LE
  • Update/reinstall graphic drivers