Why was Melee Harvest Giga Nerfed?

Previous Harvest: 91% more damage to marked enemies from Symbol of Loss, 300% more damage on every 6th hit with Skull stacks.

Current Harvest: 65% more damage to marked enemies from Symbol of loss, New node death inside gives 30% more damage but reliant on poison stacks. This is barely back to the old 91% and costs more points.
Skull stacks deleted, now we have spirit(poop) stacks for an amazing 65% more damage every 13th hit. Clearly this node is only meant for minion builds now(Also anti-synergy with Death’s embrace).

And before someone says it got buffed with weapon damage changing to generic damage. It already had a node converting all flat added damage to necrotic so this change does basically nothing.

The AoE is also bugged and this makes the skill feel horrible to play. I mean come on guys this is the only melee skill in Lich(Reap is not a skill, reap is a meme) and it wasn’t even overperforming compared to other Lich/Melee builds. Skull stacks were already a bit clunky, now with spirit stacks, its even clunkier. Its like a competition to make the skill clunkier every time:

  1. Reliant on target to be cursed for full damage
  2. Reliant on target to be cursed and have 10 poison stacks for full damage
  3. Reliant on target to be cursed, 10 poison stacks and do your full damage every 3rd hit(get rekt if the third hit misses, is blocked or dodged)
  4. Reliant on target to be cursed, 10 poison stacks and do full damage every 13th hit as long as you somehow also align the 3rd hit buff and still get rekt if the hit misses, is blocked or dodged.

It just feels awful to play.
I feel if one of the key mechanics that is part of the skill’s identity (200% more dmg every 6th hit) is removed then it should receive some compensation like 100% damage effectiveness or something.

Thats actually 145% more damage (1.65 x 1.3).

From my testing, it is definitely not that much of a multiplier. Maybe is also bugged like the AoE.

Maybe (#bug-reports!!), I was just pointing out the mathematical error.

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