Why the redundant mage talents?

so i’ve been playing a sorcerer today, and i couldn’t help but notice that there’s a fairly low level talent in the base mage tree that convert lightning blast and volcanic orb to frost damage (and grants a freeze rate, etc.)

but when i went into those spells individual trees, they had their own option for converting to frost, an option you had to take just to get at the talents that affect freeze rate to begin with.

is one or the other planning to be replaced?

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It give you more choice , i find it ok . Either you spend class passive point or in the skill himself

yeah but if you actually want to go for frost damage, you’d want the talents on the skills themselves for it no? and that would mean you have to take their frost talent anyways.

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Yeah, it’s to give you more choices.

but like i said, it really isn’t giving you any more choices, since you HAVE to get the frost talent on the skill itself just to access the subsequent talents that affect cold stuff.

The most popular Lightning Blast builds right now don’t take Supercharged Floes or the passives behind it. So, it’s not redundant with Rune of Winter. If you elect to take SF, then you can add a passive point elsewhere.

If you go for frost only you take both because it seems like the bonuses stack. It seems like a waste for sure but in the end of the day you quench a bit more frost out of it ^^.

I came here to post this too. You must select both the skill specialty to access more of the tree and you also must also select the passive skill to access more of the passive tree. However the talent sends to do the same thing but I don’t know if it stacks. I feel it shouldn’t be an identical option in both the passive tree and the skill specialty tree

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