Why SSF mode have share stash enabled?

I want to make a new character with nothing in the stash. Does it seem possible?

SSF only shares the stash with your other SSF characters, not with the normal multiplayer one

none of the options give me a fresh character with nothing on it. the 2nd character made always get materials from the 1st. I guess i can do offline mode but i dont want to do that unless there are no other options.

The first SSF character you make starts fresh, even if you have multiple multiplayer characters. The 2nd and subsequent SSF characters you make will have access to the same things your first SSF character does.

This is how most ARPGs do SSF, like PoE. And it’s done so that your drops that aren’t for your build/class (and there are a lot) aren’t completely wasted and you can make other SSF characters. You’re just limited in that you can’t trade.

There’s also an issue with the translatable texts since 0.9.2. When you create an online character the checkmark for this says “Character Found” instead of “Solo Account Found”.

If you play offline, the SSF option is actually “solo” characters, they have their own private stash and gold and materials. Character found, as opposed to Account found.
A big problem right now is that the text is wrong when you create a character, it says they will share a stash with other solo character, but actually they don’t.

Sadly right now you don’t have this option in online. But to be fair it will become less of a problem with cycles and time-limited characters.

PS: provided you don’t want to group, the game is vastly better in offline mode anyway, so I would say go for it. If you want to group… No solo stash possible.

Coming with 1.0


This, common, implementation of SSF was requested pre-0.9.