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Why not all 3?! Elemental nova guide/concept

So, hi again everyone, its me Rango!
My new concept/guide is up. Im having alot of fun with Last Epoch, gona start streaming soon :smiley:

A link to my video guide:

EDIT as advised :slight_smile:
Last Epoch build planner link:
atm passives:

lv100 passives

Thank you!

Hey there,

some things I would like to point out:

  • You should add a planner to your video, it’s way easier and convinient to browse through the planner instead of jumping back and forth in your video.

  • You did not speak about where you get your lightning aegis from to benefit from the idols you recommended. (I don’t think you have any reliable source of lightning aegis)

  • I would recommend taking all 8 points from Elementalist (Mage Passive) and put them into Dragon Mage (Sorcerer Passive), that’s 3% more inc. damage per passive point. Elemental Nova alone will give you all 3 effects all the time.

  • I would say that prioritising all the flat adaptive spell damage, before any %inc. passive is way better. So before putting points into things like Afterglow and also my above mentioned Dragon Mage, maxing things like Spell Slinger and Archmage are most likely stronger, depending on your current gear (if you already have a bunch of %inc. modifiers)

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Thank you for your criticism, il take these pointers and make next one better. Il add BP links to video.


And the forum post.