Why no pants?

Why cant we loot pants?
Its really chilly at times. And although my mighty wiener strikes fear in my enemies at the mere sight… I could really do with another gear slot. :slight_smile:

I think keeping the total number of slots relatively low, can make each individual slot feel better and more impactful.

As much as I would love to have Leg Armour and Pauldrons for example, I think it will not do much for actually making loot more exciting, quite the contrary, making loot less imapctful, because everything needs to be rebalnced (and made weaker).

Maybe we will get more slots for cosmetics in the future, who knows.

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Why not vambraces? Faulds? Rerebraces? Sabatons? Greaves? Couters?

How many pieces of armor we utilize as gear slots is already pretty arbitrary. No pants is fine.

The body armor is named that way as it is intended to be the whole suit of armor. At least we have belts that hold pants up instead of pants with no belts.

From a purely optimization point of view, having more item slots means harder to optimize your items, less item slots means easier to optimize your items. So, I’m happy to slay monsters pantless. :slight_smile:

We can’t loot socks either :D. It’s just a game system and most armors seem to be kind of full body armors… pants and socks included.

Yuz forgotz shoe laces, and scarf slots… :slight_smile:

I vote for more stat carriers:

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Okay, now i just feel like you guys are making fun of me… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Counterpoint: Kilts > Pants

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Counter-counterpoint: man-thong > kilt > pants

Also OP, what kind of pants were you thinking of? Boxers, briefs, y fronts? Personally I’d think trousers would be a more appropriate form of armour than pants.

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We are. If you want another gear slot, just make your case for it. “We ain’t wearin no trousers” is a weak way of talking around the real issue

We need two more slots, bottom-half underwear & top-half underwear with the option to wear a mankini (like a 2h weapon) with appropriate 2h-scaled stats. Then we need something to make the character’s gear invisible so we can run round Eterra like a demonic Borat slaying mobs in a mankini. I won’t post an image, but you can google “Borat mankini” if you wish. Just make sure to have bucket nearby.

IMO, the Primalist would look, er, extra special, in a mankini. What do you think @Mike_W?

You are somehow wildly off-topic but still on topic.

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What can I say? I’ve got skills! It’s the forum-equivalent of being a married man, you’re both right and wrong at the same time!

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Actually, judging by the hide armor thumbnail, the mankini might offer more coverage in certain respects.

If we get kilts, can we also have sporrans? I am not a man of many pockets!

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As long as we do not have to go Borat style… those things can be highly uncomfortable in certain combat situations.

Im so happy i didnt bring up my idea for earwarmers…

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I’m down for that if we can call them the Sporran of Holding.

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