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Why my skill tree is blocked?


Tell me, please. Why my skill tree is blocked ?
I cant learn skill “Anomaly”, because my skill tree is blocked on half of tree.

I have Void Knight lvl 58. with 39 skill points in tree Void Knight, but “Anomaly” is blocked.


1 - Screenshot by Lightshot
2 - Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you.

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You are not a Void Knight, you mastered into Paladin. That’s why you can’t get Anomaly for Void Knight because its a level 30 skill.
Both Forge Guard and Void Knight passive trees stop at their level 20 talents.
Respeccing your mastery is the only thing you cant do in LE, its a permanent choice. So you have to create a new char if you wanna play a build with Anomaly.


Thank you.