Why is there no good looking HD

Armor/weapons in game?

Only good looking ULTRA HD stuff comes from $$ shop while ingame loot looks like it belongs in PoE 2013

Are we playing the same game?

Alot of the regular base 3D Models for armor sets look really really good.
Better than the cosmetic shop.

Obviously things like this are subjective, but there are a lot of different armor sets with different designs and I cannot believe that you think they all look bad.

EDIT: the only thing that bothers me a lot of the times, when you mix different 3D models from different armor sets because of the implicits.

Some combinations of different 3D model armor sets can look really silly when combined

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The MTX is fugly.

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the only real reason to buy mtx is if you really really want to support ehg

They spent all the money on the monsters. The characters look baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: