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Why is there no cast speed or attack speed blessings?

Why not add attack or cast speed blessing on the monolith??? I was wondering, it’d be cool.

There are quite a few possibilities for Blessings and who knows if the the devs might consider adding more to the Monoliths… Personally I would prefer that blessings be way out build enablers rather than just “extra affix slots”… The trick is not to make them too OP so that every single player just choses the same ones making the others pointless - its already almost gotten to that stage with things like Crit Avoidance and I bet that virtually no one bothers with the added drop chance blessings very often…

On your specific items… attack & cast speed are fairly easy to get in passives and skill nodes and are not that rare as gear affixes… so I am not sure if these are really “needed” as blessings. Some classes have a lot and blessing may tip the scales too far - e.g. imagine an already fast flurry build with attack speed blessings… I suppose its all a balancing game for the devs…

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