Why is Falconer passive skills locked still?


It all appears I meet the requirement to unlock the Falconer skill “defelct and weave” for example.

The requirement is 25 point in Falconer passive and 20 point in Rogue Base passive.

I happen to have 31 and 28 point respectively. But that skill is locked and I can’t do anything.

This is frustrating, trying to play new mastery with legacy toon that finished all stories. Does anyone have the same problem as me?

If you are not the Falconer Mastery, and are just dipping points into it, you can’t go past the half way point in it’s mastery tree. That’s how masteries work.

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Any character created before Falconer actually released cannot be a Falconer dude. You only get access to half the tree.

That’s disappointing to find out. Thanks.

You can create a new character the master the Falconry skills, but you would have to do that any way since the issue is that once you have a mastery you can’t change that, and that’s what the Falconer is. So it’s not just specific to the Falconer, it’s any mastery that you want to play that you don’t already have.