Why I stopped playing some of my characters (Share your experience)

So, this will be a pretty long post but I’ll try to stick with the characters I used to play a lot and stopped playing and why I stopped playing them. Sometimes they got nerfed too hard, sometimes I simply got bored of them. If you used to play a character for a long time and stopped, feel free to share your thoughts. Also, some people stopped playing certain characters after a nerf while others kept playing them and improved on them to counter those nerf (or you tried to counter them but failed because the nerf was too severe). This would also be a great thing to share as some people might have dropped their favourite character which can still be playable with certain changes in passives, skills, equip, etc.

So, let me start. I’ll try to explain what I liked about a certain character and what made me stop playing the character (sometimes completely, sometimes I still play them but not nearly to the extend I used to). By the way, I’m going to stick to characters I played over lvl90 for now but might share my thoughts on other characters I dropped before reaching that level.

1. Disintegrator (Sorcerer)

This was my first character iirc and I played it pre 0.8.2 and dropped it after the bugfix: “Fixed a bug where Disintegrate’s Twinbeam node caused other nodes such as Galvanized Defense and Lucomancer to apply their effects twice.”

I really enjoyed playing this character (I mean who doesn’t like beams?) as it was very tanky and could also deal very good damage. It was one of the strongest builds back then and I think a lot of people played it. The bugfix of course was one of the reasons I stopped playing this character but only in combination with the playstyle of it. You have to stand still to get your damage in which wasn’t too big of a problem pre-bugfix but it became a real pain, at least to me. One of the things that I enjoyed was the fact that I could tank a lot of things (of course not everything) but after the bugfix that changed and with a character that needs to stand still AND ramp up the damage, this became very unpleasant to play for me personally. I also didn’t really like the fact that Disintegrate is basically a gimmick and the real damage came from Lightning Blast (this “gimmick” thing is a recurring theme in many chars that I feel like should change, Warpath would be another example). I would have prefered to have Disintegrate as my main damage source, but a “pure” Disintegrate build just has too many weaknesses in my opinion. But because of the tankyness and damage pre-bugfix I could overlook that. If you are hardcore beam fanatic, please share your experience with this character because I :heart: BEAMS!

2. Static Orb (Sorcerer)

I think this was my third character and I played it before the skill got changed (in 0.8.3 iirc). When leveling my Disintegrator Mage I tried out Static Orb and to be honest I hated how the skill felt… but I liked the visuals so I decided to look into guides and give it a try and damn did I enjoy this character! Felt way more dynamic than the Disintegrator, obviously, as I didn’t have to channel to do damage. Because I used the Static Ground version (at least I think it used to be called static ground too back then) I could kind of pre-fire when enemies were charging me to get the most damage and not just namelock and the skill homes in and does all the work for me. I actually had to think about where to aim my spells at. The damage was very good and the skill felt extremely statisfying. The reason why I dropped this character is pretty obvious. The skill changed and even tho I tried many times I never found a new Static Orb build that I really enjoyed. Not to say the skill is bad, it’s just that I personally don’t like the new version, for me it lacks the excitement and impact the old version had. The Scatter Blast variant was pretty fun for a while but it got nerfed for some reason (at least the version where you use Static Orb as your main skill).

3. Devouring Orb Autobomber (Void Knight)
This is a character that I kind of love and hate at the same time. I love the fact that there is a lot going on and you can clear echoes pretty fast. It’s pretty safe too. It might be kind of weak against bosses but that never really bothered me too much. What I really dislike is the fact that you can play this character as basically a walking simulator. Put your Devouring Orb and Anomaly on autocast and have fun. There are a few chars like that and I personally don’t really like that. It kind of feels like my character is just an accessory to the skills and not actually the one doing the damage if that makes sense. I know some people enjoy that playstyle (like RF characters in PoE) but I enjoy actually doing something (even as a Necro :wink: ). That’s why I use both Smite and Abyssal Echoes with my Autobomer so I actually play the game to some extend. But in the end what really made me stop playing this char is the whole stutterstep thing. Even with a lot of castspeed it feels weird. So very good char that I didn’t drop because of nerfs or bugfixed but simply because of the way it “feels” to play.

4. Hammer Throw - No Smite (Paladin)
Another char with a skill I hated during leveling but it felt interesting enough to try and make a valid character (pre 0.8.3). This character dealt all the damage with Hammerthrow (I got a Hammerthrow Smite Paladin too but they are vastly different characters with different playstyles!). This character was pretty tanky, relatively safe as a ranged character, could clear echoes very fast but struggled with bosses and to some extend with sustain via life leech as there are not that many sources of life leech for throwing characters. The main reason why I stopped playing this character was because I felt like I “finished” the character. Remember this was pre 0.8.3 so pre Julra and Legendaries. Also, it is a very simple character. There is no way to “combo” into anything like a big damage burst against bosses or something. Don’t get me wrong, I like simple and honest characters a lot, but they can sometimes become pretty boring after a while. It would have been nice to have some situational skill or something that adds a little excitement, as long as it’s not too much and I need like 4 skills in a specific order to buff me to do any damage to bosses (yeah, looking at you HoA! :wink: ) because that would have made it too exhausting to play which would have bored me aswell. So again I didn’t drop this character because of any nerfs or something, it was a very fun character that I played a lot but after a while there was no excitement anymore, it just felt done and “finished”, so I moved on…

5. Abomination (Necromancer)
I honestly didn’t play this build a lot but wanted to try it for the memes and boy what a meme that character is!!! I actually feel like Acolyte as a whole is just one big meme and I avoided that class for so long even tho my favourite character in Diablo 2 was the Necromancer.
I played a version where the Abomination does not decay and it was my only minion. Unlike the Manifest Armor Forgeguard (which plays like absolute dogshit) this character was pretty fun. Even tho the Abomination is just a pile of dead meat and bones it’s f-ing Einstein compared to the Manifest Armor which would rather do ice scating along the enemy than attack them. So why did I drop this character? It’s very strong, pretty safe and tanky and absolutely shits on bosses while still clearing echoes comfortabely. Easy: Snapshotting! Yes I know it has been discusses many times but it wasn’t the potential power creep aspect that bothered me but the fact that I had to respec two skills everytime I wanted to play that character. I didn’t change my equip when summoning the skelletons even tho I could have and the character still felt strong (or rather the Abomination felt strong and tanky) but always respeccing was just to annoying. First world problems but who cares… I want to hop in and start playing the game and not do chores beforehand.

6. Flurry + Multishot (Marksman)
Okay so this thread already took way more time to write than I hoped so I’ll try to make this one quick: I had 3 variations of the Flurry Marksman (Phys, Poison, Bowmage) and the Physical one was by far my favourite character back then. I think I started it in 0.8.3 or maybe 0.8.2 and it was my first character to get to lvl100. It was by far the smoothest playstyle of all characters I played and I got to lvl100 without really trying or actually noticing. Time went by so fast playing this character. Even tho I never managed to beat T4 Julra with this character (Dodge char with pretty low health) I still had a blast with this char. The reason why I dropped it (and the other 2 variants) should be no surprise - 0.8.5 happened and they got shit on so hard it actually feels just sad.

7. Poison Flurry (Bladedancer)
Created the character in like 0.8.2 or something.
Played the non-channeling version and didn’t like it because glass cannon.
Then 0.8.4 introduced Umbral Blades.
Loved the skill and changed from dodge based to glancing blow.
Died too much because glass cannon and shitty sustain with throwing attacks.
Then, like 2 or 3 weeks before 0.8.5 hit I respecced back into melee channeled poison Flurry and tweaked it a bit.
It was like taking crack (or at least that’s how some people would describe it).
Absolutely loved it, even more than my Phys Flurry Marksman.
Pretty much exclusively played that character during that time because I was having sooooo much fun with it!
Cleared echoes fast, simply annihilated bosses and I really had to play the game!
Because it was still a glass cannon I actually had to think about what enemies to attack first, where to shift, when to stay back and wait and actually dodge stuff! Felt great and very rewarding!
But then the weird uncle 0.8.5 came around and you know… R.I.P. that character… :frowning:

So there are many more characters I could write about, but I wanted to stick with those 7 for now because damn this took a long time to write!!!
Please share your experiences with characters your played a lot but then dropped for some reason, even if it’s just “because I got bored with it and wanted to try something new” because that too is a valid reason and, at least in my opinion, usefull input for the Devs. :slight_smile:


At the beginning I played a lot with my Lich. She had a very classic build, with mainly Rip Blood, Reaper Form and Death Seal. After a while I totally stopped because I did not feel comfortable with Reaper Form anymore.
I did many tries since, with different ways to build a Lich, but I could not retrieve the love I had for her. Now I’m waiting for a rework of the mastery, hoping I will like it.

Funny that you said that because just yesterday I was (once again) trying to make a melee Reaper work but I just can’t really get it to do decent damage and be somewhat tanky.
I also hope for a rework and maybe nodes that let you go in either melee or caster spec and give us a way to have better sustain for reaper form.

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(post deleted by author)

I am with both of you on Lich’s rework. I did a drain life, death seal, and marrow shards build that does perform well, but I have no desire for further progress in anything until the dev team fixes the way they handle form shifting to be equitable for all form shifting classes. The uptime that werebear gets simply puts anything the Lich can do to shame.

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I have played around with a poison Necromancer/Caster Hybrid.
My idea was to have lots of minions stacking poison and then use Drain Life and Wandering Spirits converted to poison to deal damage.
It did work semi decent and I’m sure it can be done effectively, but I don’t have the best equipment for that. It was still fun to experiment and I might give it a try again sometime, but both my Necromancers are specced in a different way right now. :wink:

Also regarding Reaper/Lich: Just “reactivated” my Necrotic Rip Blood Reaper again just now and tried to balance the life drain from Reaper, Exsanguinous, etc. with Aura of Decay. Pretty hard to do but I can stay in Reaper for quite some time. Damage is not that great against big boy enemies, but thanks to Spirit Plague you clear trash in no time.

Thinking about a human form necro doing some shenanigans with Rip Blood and either Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros or Vessel of Strife as we can get either good leech with Rip Blood and all the passives Lich has, or good life regen, especially with Aura of Decay. But that character could potentially run into the “tanky wet noodle” trap…

Stopped playing all my characters. Went and slogged through a rebirth d3 PTR till the PTR closed. Which was a real slog considering no challenge rift in PTR :), and still had more fun than this. Not really motivated to create a new LE character on a class I have not played yet. Know I will just run into the same hopscotch one shot mechanics. And before one of the regulars post to be more specific: most of them! Ergo there.are.way.to.many

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To be fair, we can’t really compare. Reaper Form doubles the amount of HP we have, while no Druid transformation does it. So I feel logical and fair that there is some compensation for this. But the current method does not feel adequate.


Ive done in no order and played to 80-100:

AoD Lich - many iterations
Lowlife Marrow Shards / Transplant Lich
Lowlife Pure Skeleton Necro
Lowlife Pure Abomination Necro
Lowlife Pure Wraith Necro
Lowlife Retaliation solo Golem Necro
DoT Wolf/Raptor Beastmaster
Serpent Strike / Raptor BM
Pure Crows BM
EQ Druid
Maelstrom Bear Druid
Poison Vines / Companion Spriggan Druid Spriggan/Werebear (prior to shapeshift changes)
Maelstrom / Avalanche / Tornado Shaman
Void Sorcerer with Rahyeh chest and Fire Aura
Lightning proc Spellblade with Rahyeh chest
Lowlife Disintegrate Sorcerer
Warpath Fireburst Paladin
Warpath Bleed Paladin
Hammersmite Paladin
Consecrated Javelin Paladin
Forgeguard Manifest Armor
VK Bomber
VK Rive
Detonating Arrow Marksman
Sync Cascade Bladedancer

and many many other setups I played for a few hours to test over the time ive played this game such as every minion combo, uniques such as Reign of Winter, explored most of the snapshotting which I hate and avoid, quite a few builds above are nerfed/not effective or even potentially buffed since I last played

The reason I stopped playing many of them was just momentum, I play LE only at certain points and if I left the game for a few weeks I would reroll a new character on return or if I had a spare lvl 40-60 I would respec them into intended build and usually stick with it to ‘xx’ point. About 6 months ago my PC died ended up having to restart

I find it daunting to grind for corruption on multiple characters, so a lot of my characters never really get off the ground. Stopped before started as it were.


For me it is always that if I find something that is really fun and comfortable for me to play (I have arthritis) a patch or hotfix either completely breaks that build or changes it enough to no longer feel comfortable for me.

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May I ask what builds were comfortable for you to play?

I could care less about the “extra life”, as that is also offset by the boost in HP/Defense that the werebear gets. The maintenance and an uncomfortable clunky play style is what I dislike. The longer you are in the form the more aggressive the degen is, maybe smoothing out the degen curve will help. Note: I do not want an immortal build, just something that does better skills similar to werebear. The single skill option and drain life is almost required, this locks most players into a play style that can be unforgiving.

The most recent one was bleed Flurry (similar to the poison flurry OP mentioned). It still works, just has less damage and less damage = longer boss fights and more manual dodging… which means I can’t play it anymore. A long time ago I had a werebear Earthquake or something, it got destroyed completely, but now there is a similar build after the druid overhaul in 0.8.4 so at least I’ve got something :smiley: Most of the builds I’ve played aren’t from the forums so I don’t know or remember the names.

In general builds that don’t require me to juggle a ton of skills and aren’t glass cannons.


Bears are the best.
They put anything to shame. Always.

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Before the Druid rework, I was not a huge fan of Werebear form. Mainly because it was built around Swipe, and I find Swipe boring and weak.
Since the rework, I really love my Entangling Roots Wearebear. He’s a bear, he grows plants. What could be better?

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Builds that don’t require a lot of skill juggling and aren’t glass cannons, MY FAVORITE.

That’s why I usually gravitate towards summoners, proc-based or auto-cast builds, or trigger-on-hit/damage/etc. builds, or reflect builds.

Gonna be on a lookout for some of those since I just picked up the game.

I only really stop playing characters either when I hit the first 58 mono or when I hit empowered monos. In the first case it’s because the character + build I’m doing isn’t interesting enough to bother grinding out 160+ echos for empowered. In the second, case it’s the difficulty jump of 90 monos to empowered making previously strong feeling characters suddenly feel like a wet paper bag. I don’t feel like grinding 90 monos to completely rebuild for the 1 or 2 defensive stats that I’m deficient in (typically endurance) that’s needed to not get 1 shot left and right in 100s.

So, I reroll and try another class. I have 8 characters now, 3 that I stopped at empowered, 3 that I stopped at the first mono, and 2 that I’m leveling.

I’ll probably be done with the game when I run out of masteries to roll tbh.

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You can do dozens of different builds within the same mastery.

There is still hundreds of hours playtime to explore for you^^

I’m interested in knowing what these mechanics are. Maybe i’m just not playing high enough corruptions, but i don’t find the game abuses 1-shot mechanics at all.
also, PoE refugee, so it may be that my tolerance of 1-shot mechanics is really high, because PoE is an absolute shit game when it comes to telegraphing stuff that can kill you.